Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


Just saying but this killed me a lot when I read it

That’s also true, but as a dragon, you can expect Max to have very big stamina and magic reserves, while Frost isn’t specified to have any kind of stam regen


Sorry… >~<

hm, that does make sense, but i believe that frost would have a big stam reserve, hence her speed

Teh flash IS BAK but better yet a cat!




do you know who the flash is?
that really fast super hero?




because of frosts 140 mph speed she’s basically the flash but a cat


Mahdi moves beyond 700 mph and that’s still slow for me

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pfft hahaha
wow, i guess mahdi is the flash and frost is a wannabe flash


Ah ok, that makes sense, well coming back to the topic, in summary if Max gets poisened he will be kinda screw unless he tires Frost before that happens (specially considering his demon and dragon blood makes him way to pride to scape with a portal)


700 mph is not even the speed of sound yet, only slightly below. It’s not that fast.


i agree, now on to Max, ive got a question
so the demon wrath, so if it were to hit frost the wounds would slowly start to show up? and if its like a sword or something like that, frost would be able to cut right through it unless it wounds her.
so it would be like, ( option one: frost cuts right through it ) or ( option two: instead of cutting through it, frost claws slowly flake off )


That was a mistake a didn´t notice, with that i meant that the wounds created by this weapon take a very long time to heal, an as devil-arms they can´t be broken, also as long as she doesn´t get hit by the weapon it wont hurt her just touching it


ahh, mk that makes more sense now.

and now im dying on the iside on what i just said on another thread T//~//T




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As a man called pewdepie said: What is that even supoosed to mean?


nani!? O///<///O
ur on that thread to?

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Nah, i just used my hacker powers to click your name and check your activity :v
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go for you! hopefully you can make your way past chapter three where most of us writers get stuck… im there sigh

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Yeah, that shiet happens a lot, bur for now lets go back to the battle, we are getting off topic right now


we rly are, do you have anymore questions? i wouldn’t be suprised if ya did


Something that gets me curious is how will she fight Max is he goes half-dragon and starts flying, unless she uses her plants is some way i don’t think she can catch him