Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


hm… i think she’d just wait till ya came down again, or unless she hitches a ride


and what i mean by hitching a ride, she will just hang on to him as he flies up,


Well thats a funny image on my head, but doing that would be an invitation to Max to kick her with gluttony


then back down to earth she goes, with a soft flower bed awaiting her, then she would just wait, unless she could get her nightshade plants that high and pull him back down to earth


Remember getting hit by gluttony drains your energy, and while she falls she would be an easy target for his fire, trying to catch him with a plant wouldn´t be a good idea also, since he can just burn them


huh, guess your right about that, so she would just land on the hard ground then use the rest of her energy to find a place to regen. she doesnt have any healing factors, so her healing takes a bit more time. unless she was willingly going to rid of one of her lives


That about her 9 lives confuse me a little, so if she is killed she will revive, but what happens if Max flames melt her body? she will recover instantly? or she will become a walking melted thing?


she wont recover instantly, her body will heal rapidly until she has no wounds ( in the case of being melted, her body will just reform it self, taking a life. but if she were in the process of recovering and is damaged again, it will just reset the time for healing, and the time for healing is about 1 - 3 minutes, 5 minutes max ( depending on how badly she was damaged )


Damm, looking at that ability really makes me regret not adding Max bow


how come?


One of the weapons of Max is a Bow called “Winter”, that bow has the ability of freezing things when it hits them, at the end i didn´t add it, because it will get insta nerf, but when i read that part about the time she needs to regen I thought that max could just freeze her body while she is “dead”


so if you did add is and it didnt get nerfed and max did use it on frost to freeze her, would it be like the ice cube?


Well i dont think she can cut ice while his hole body is freezed


no not cutting through while she is regen, i think that would just give her the advantage of healing without getting more hurt, if its anything like the ice cube, then she could heal untouched, like when max uses ice cube,

well anyways, it never got added so i dont have to worry about it.
So in half dragon mode, he can fly with wings, and if im correct i saw that in full dragon mode his wings are vulnerable, so if he where to go half dragon, frost could easily cut of his wings so he would say grounded


That if she is able to hit, even with her speed, Max demon eyes give him advanced reflexes (something like a sharingan) and he may be able to dodge, and even if it hits i dont think poison can spread trought his wings so its not a dangerous hit, the only dangerous thing about it is that he wont be able to fly


hmm… okay,
and i should point this out,
if a certain body part gets cut off that has been poisoned for less then a minute, will save the rest of the body of being poisoned

anymore confuzling questions that bounce around in your brain making you wonder the existence of life?


Why is your image a pot plant?


so off topic but its been like that for ever and i cant change it, i want to change it to this



Back to the topic, what about her laugh, should i count that as magic or as some kind of illusion? or her laugh is just so annoyng that everithyng gets away?


sorry a book im reading updated and i just flipped out for an hour

anyways, its just that she has a really annoying laugh