Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


Also little off topic question, what is your name in the main site? cause i serched you as helplesslyinlove143 and nothing appered


on the main site, the picture i sent is my pic and my name is MINEMINEN

a really weird way to spell m 'n m


Ok, back to topic, something as a annoyng laugh wouldn’t really affect Max, he is too much of a serius fighter to be distracted or affected by that


does he work at…

pfft haha, sorry sorry, its a radio station.

it would be the same for frost because she has gotten used to annoying things because she is annoying


1- That joke may be at least a little good but im not from U.S.A so its not

2- “she has gotten used to annoying things because she is annoying” that seems like a summary of me and my friends




anyways, i dont have anymore questions more max, i understand how his weapons work


I think something we can agree on is that if Frost gets hit by any of his weapons (Maybe not gluttony) she would be pretty much dead cause she only has a helmet, so a good hit with wrath would be a K.O


yeah, but only if she doesnt destroy the weapon first, and i think her flowers would count as armour


I doubt a flower can do a very good job as armor, i mean, it has to be a very good flower to stop a katana that cuts dimensions


A very good flower?

pets the flower
Good flower
now go eat their souls…

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Ok thats funny


Okay good, I thought my jokes were jokingly stupid. And if I were to make puns they wouldn’t be more punnier then a chicken trying to fly or a rooster laying an egg. But I have better jokes in a punshell

I’m sorry…

not really


Culiao sin gracias por la chucha, pico, me voy a dormir buenas noches jaja


Jeg skjønte ike hva du sa, si det igjen, vær så snill


Jeg sa god natt og at ordspillet sugde


Nå så god natt og jeg vet at de gjorde det


@Crimson_Scythe *pokes*

Also wat Mahdi can run 700 mph?! That’s like 11x the speed of Destrius :sob: I dead now


He can go faster actually :rofl:

I’ll reply to your strategies soon, but anyway I suggest on buffing Destrius because it wouldn’t be fair when Mahdi can move so fast while he have extremely high offense already. I’ll suggest a buff depend on how I reply to your strategies later.


Smh Mahdi needs to be nerfed more. :joy:

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