Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


We can have mutual change for fairness. You get a buff and I get a nerf :3

Cue the law of equivalent exchange

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Does this mean I can add more stuff to his form? *thinks of new powers*



Sure thing! :3 But please wait until I reply to our current discussion, which I’ll do soon, after I’m getting some piece of bread and chocolate milk.


Yum, chocolate milk. :chocolate_bar::milk_glass:


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Good morning! I got no sleep last night and now I’m dead


Yup yup chocolate milk is a blessing! ^-^/

*brb backlogging*


Yo what the heck that profile pic that’s nightmare fuel :rofl:


Okaaaay so checking your strategies, well, Mahdi can spam his laser as easily as swinging his hands around. Depend on the laser, it might be easier to do that than punching. Also getting close to him risk on being impaled/skewered/ripped with energy blades that can burst all over his surrounding, also risk on being punched in supersonic speed.

Destrius got the environmental advantage, but Mahdi is designed to fight the evil of the world itself, so regardless if he fight Destrius or not, his mission is to punish the wicked and to help the innocent. Defeating Destrius that thrives on the negativity of this world is a great start of his mission.

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thats not the only nightmare fuel though.

if i were to send them,

good luck sleeping tonight


også, hvor er alle?


Well that’s sad for me. :sob::joy: If Destrius can’t get close and can’t kill him from afar, he’ll have to stick with the attrition tactic, that is, wearing down Mahdi enough so as to even the odds.

What do you think of that plan? Do you think it has some percentage of working? That’s the most prominent advantage I can think of, tbh. If Des switches to Daimon form Mahdi will just turn him to rubble.


@Oblivionyx raises hand

If you’d like I can offer up some ideas to make them a bit more even. :blush:

With the approval of @Shadowdrakon99 and @Crimson_Scythe of course


I already have several ideas myself, but I need @Shadowdrakon99’s permission to add them. And Crim too of course. :slight_smile:


Mkay thought I’d offer :3


Thanks :slight_smile: You can if you like; all ideas I pick up are ultimately funneled to my characters’ development.

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If the opponent is stronger, overwhelm them with speed. If the opponent is faster, outlast them with endurance. If the opponent is both? Hm, I wonder.

Outsmart them? That sounds plausible. Unfortunately I have no picture of the terrain in which we’re fighting in, so that’s not an option.

If we were fighting in an open plain, it would definitely be much harder for Destrius to outmaneuver Mahdi. If it was in a forest, a ravine, a valley, anything with hiding places, it would make my job easier.

The solution to the open plains would be to terraform the landscape somehow. Burn the plains, make the heat unbearable. Des can easily do that with Fury’s Edge, burning the vegetation using his spear while running around.





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Glad you saw it too :wink:


I actually saw this option a while back, but Crim hasn’t addressed it yet.


lol welp, you might need to see if you’ll be allowed to modify your spear too.


Why does it need to be modified? I think it’s fine as it is. A legendary sword does not make one a swordsman, or in this case a spear. :wink: