Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


I really shouldn’t say it I feel like I’m tipping things here…

I’ll just help Crim next xD

Cause Mahdi’s lasers aren’t magic, Des’s spear conducts magic.


Then what the heck are they (._. )


His power indeed very fantastic, but they are not magic. They are holy, spiritual power, given through his prayer to God, and so, God blessed him.

I guess you could describe them as like a miracle type thing?? But I’ll let Crim explain cause he knows them more than I do lol


*scratches head* This might just come down to our different viewpoints on what consists “magic”, but that sounds like magic to me. Or energy, if you like.

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:man_shrugging: Lol but I should stop now I feel weird getting involved :cry:


Spiritual power are not equal to magic, but I can let you consider them magic for sake of gaining advantage with the spear, in order to makes the battle more fair.

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No keep going; this conversation is stimulating meh.

If we were to get down to it, Destrius’s power is not really magic either. It’s also spiritual power, given that he is a spirit and was given his power by a god, like Mahdi. But I just used magic for lack of a better word to describe where his power actually comes from.

I mean, he feeds on negative energy. Saying that he can channel this negative feeling into his spear just sounds… odd. Spears don’t get angry, do they? :thinking:


Hmmm Welp, that’s true Des has spiritual ties and even some Divine ties from what I remember about him.

I suppose you could see if Crim and Drakon would be willing to go with the idea of having a double-edged sword here? Like Holy beats Daimon but Daimon also beats Holy?

Is his spear sentient? :open_mouth:


Des is a spirit; the Daimon form is just a physical vessel. Imagine a water in a glass. The glass gives shape to water, but the water is not the glass. If the glass shatters, the water still exists, but it no longer has a definite form. While glass can shatter, water cannot, and so in a sense Des does not share the same weaknesses as regular daimons.

Anyway my Daimons are not inherently evil. They’re like humans, in a sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s just a tool. xD


Ohhhhh lol hmmm well then… xD

I looked over Des and he doesn’t have a whole lot of abilities huh? :frowning:

Sorry I’ve been working on sentient weapons lately so that got me excited for a second xD


He’s meant to be a flexible fighter. If you reduced him to a regular human, he’d still be a force to be reckoned with. No fancy magic or flashy tricks: just someone who can decimate an army with pure skill and a blade.

If I had my way he wouldn’t have any of the active abilities I listed. :upside_down_face:

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Ooooooh interesting :3

Lol welp I’ll just toss my ideas in the garbage than xD


I’m quite sure a lot of people can kill someone without needing any supernatural power. That’s just what Destrius is. Slashing off someone’s head isn’t exactly a great ability, but it does the trick. :man_shrugging:

Hmm imma try to find some anime examples if my explanations are too confusing. :joy:

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Oh of course lol I was just looking at it with the mindset of “Des needs a buff? What abilities could he get?” lol


I could have increased his base stats more, but I was counting on the round’s lore to do that for him. That’s what the Spirit of Conflict is supposed to do. Given the situation, Altaria is so ravaged with war and negativity that Des can basically be a god at this point.

In my storyline, Destrius eventually faces off against Guardian Syl and Charmeine and defeats them both, so yeah. In that incident, all three of them were near a city being besieged, and Des was drawing power from the conflicting emotions of the armies.

Keeping in mind that Charmeine is a perfect counter to Des’s power, since she is Harmony and he is Conflict.

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Yeah the Spirit of Conflict actually made me think that he’s actually just going to get better the longer the battle goes cause I thought it said that something like it gets better when battles get more intense lol :+1:

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@Crimson_Scythe @Oblivionyx @blue_jay

Neither character needs a buff or nerf XD Destrius not only has a lot of strong abilities that allow him to play keep away from Mahdi, Mahdi can only move super fast in bursts according to his form. Not to mention Mahdi also has a lot of moves that require him to stay still which would allow Destrius to land very hard hits.

Mahdi is above power level but so is Destrius because I got busy with irl since my best friend growing up hung himself, but I keep both of them stronger so they can fight each other. The reason so far that Mahdi has an advantage is because of his versatility, which I refuse to punish since overall Destrius has a higher defense and has an instakill move considering how much negative energy is in this world. Honestly if you want an official “buff” than Spirit of Conflict will just increase all of Destrius strength and such times 3 due to how much conflict there is, but I assumed that was already going to be used like that.


I wasn’t sure on how to properly implement SoC. If I said it would enhance him 10x or 20x that might be too much. Now that you’ve set a limit, it’s all good. :+1:


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