Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



Hey there, I hope the will game goes well! :3

I can submit someone new, or reuse Noir again. I will decide later.

When the round will likely start?


Well, the way it seems to be going, probably about 4 weeks. Discussion might be opened sooner if one or two more people submit


There isn’t an official deadline since I don’t really know when I’ll have enough people so you can surely take your time


Hmmm… I will see how it goes. I will backlog and see who to submit in a day or two.


Take your time friend!


What is up everyone! How is everyone doing?


I lost the link to this thread, and now I finally found it again :slight_smile:


finger guns Ayeeee


Are we going to play yet? Is the arena still the same?

I got so many characters to try here :3


Not yet, you would make three, so one more and I can start. Yep, the arena is definitely still the same and bring whoever you like :3 I will be happy to see what you will bring to the round


Alright I’ll check the round and see who I’ll submit


It’s not until this kind of round happen, I realize that from the start of my story “Destiny Revolution” everyone are already above normal human level. xD

I might go submit the member of Eclipse here then.

Or I could have submit someone from another story, where the general power level is low.


Here you go! Someone with very weak defense, even a simple knife can kill him. However he got high speed and skill, also very deadly special moves!


@Shadowdrakon99 Just to let you know that I’m OK with nerfing all the three special moves.

But I’ll let you see the original version first. :3


Honestly, Fahmir is pretty much acceptable. For the ultimates, I would like you to use First Stance once the whole round, as it definitely breaks the power level by a bit, but not by enough for me to justify completely removing it. I would like you to put short range and usage limit on the Second stance, and the Third Stance is acceptable as is if I take into account the speed of everyone who has been submitted so far.

Before I go any further, I will say that the predictability of anyone on this round would be 20-30 percent accurate, as a nerf. Everyone this round is pretty skilled.


Is registration still available or do I need to wait for the next round? :slight_smile:


I want to withdraw Under World, he’s not going to be in Part 5 any more.

@GilAriel You can take my place


Eyyy I forgot all about this xD

@GilAriel it’s still open but I think we’d still be waiting for a fourth person to join now that Smarty withdrew


Well then I guess I’ll just register and see what happens


I’ll go administer all the nerf that you suggested. I will also nerf the First Stance to makes it slightly weaker, and put limitations to his other moves.

As for prediction skill, it was never meant to be super accurate. There’s no percentage. It always about the actual logical reason on what you can normally predict or not.

For example, predicting weather is easy. With the right information, everyone can do that.

Predicting people’s movement would require analysis of how they move, how fast they are, how strong they are, and such.

It’s not an instant “ohhhh I can see the future and know all your action!”

It’s more like a logical analysis, that if a ball dropped down, it will drop down and maybe bounce few times to some direction, depend on the surface, the force used, the gravity, etc~