Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



I understand. It is accepted as is

@iamnotasmartguy Okie dokie, thanks for telling me

@GilAriel I will review your character like immediately after this post lol. I’d take a look at the round intro at the top, or if is too hard to find, I’ll repost it


Omg… My guy this guy is like … too stronk for this round. Like a lot. His sword can cut anything, he is absolutely massive, he can’t be affected by freezing or burning.

Like broooo, if you really want to use him, he has to get… like… so needed he won’t even be the same character. There is very little chance I could nerf him while still being able to keep him well him. I could try, but it would probably be way easier on you to just bring someone weaker after you read the round intro.

Here’s a link to it if you can’t find it


Here I’m done nerfing Fahmir :slight_smile:

  • Third Stance can now pierce through average metal armors and doors. Against thick steel armor, it would barely deal damage. (Usable once per minute)

  • Second Stance could pierce through small trees, walls, and cars. (Usable once per 5 minutes)

  • First Stance could only pierce a single battle tank and ordinary building structure, or some boulder in some average size. (Also as usual, only usable once per battle)

  • Add clarification regarding his Clairvoyance, so it’s not going to be mistaken as some OP prediction capability with absolute accuracy.


I considered making an offer to him for… You know the other thread but I didn’t want to hijack anyone :3


You are totally allowed to do that. I am still on EGB, although I will be only doing my mod duties for a while. Being on Shadow Spyre does not mean you cannot join other boards, just do not bring any drama from them.


ACCEPTED. welcome to ROUND 1


Yay! ^-^/


Lol okay I just didn’t want to overstep


Oh wow, this is absolutly my bad.
I hadn’t notice the power level needed for this round, I figured people submited their charecters and then you will divide them to their reletive power level ^^"
I will withdraw my charecter, since it’s obviously way to OP for this round

my bad, sorry ^^"


I believe that with the right nerf, any character should be acceptable for almost any round. But it’s up to you on whether you wanna choose someone else or stick to him :slight_smile:


@Crimson_Scythe @GilAriel Feel free to submit another character, frend. Or, like I said before, I could nerf him, but he would likely lose a lot about what made him unique. Completely your decision.

And yeah, Crim, I agree any character can be nerfed to fit any power, but it can become impossible to do while still letting the character be themselves. Like take Skia for example. If I submitted him on this power level, he would get nerfed so hard it would be hard to recognize him. I want to try to avoid that if all possible. If you feel that is not appropriate, please let me know the reasons so I can try to adjust it. :slight_smile:


Makes sense, it’s hard to nerf what makes a character to be themselves. It’s like their identity.


@Crimson_Scythe I actually read over him. He’s not too out of the ball park for what could be accepted. Might have to tone down some abilities sure but he’s not broken :3


Well for me the biggest problem is his shear size.
It wouldn’t make sense to tone down just strength, and shrinking him would bring up other issues like how his strength would be scaled down, his speed agility, etc. Not to mention that his abilities also seem too strong to be nerfed while retaining his character’s uniqueness.

Hmm… I suppose if you have time you can try to nerf him down. If you can give him a solid nerf that retains the character enough for @GilAriel , than I can accept that.


I can submit another character if you really need someone to fill up the places.


If you would like to, that would be great!


Hey everyone, keep an eye out! Tomorrow evening I will be uploading a character example for the round. :wink: Maybe I will even enter it and have everyone else judge the match… jk probs not XD


I am sorry I have not put up the character, it’s currently the week of Thanksgiving in America, so I ended up way busier than I though I would be. Tomorrow I’ll have it up for sure, pinky promise.


Enjoy the holiday! :3


Odysseus A.K.A That One Lost At Sea Boi, Hero of Ancient Ithaka, Odey

Race: human

Gender: Boi

Bio: A very common story is the tale of Odysseus, who in the Trojan War was granted an idea that saved the Greeks from defeat, that being the Trojan Horse. However, Poseidon, who I can personally say is a bit of a dick Its true, Mate disliked Odysseus because his men never paid homage to him. So, Poseidon made Odysseus remain away from home for 20 years, and when he got home, he found some Suitor bois trying to slip into those DM’s of his girl. So, he killed them. And lived happily ever after. PSYCH! NAH! ATHENA WASN’T DONE WITH HIM!!! SO SHE PUT HIM IN TO A STASIS SLEEP THAT KEPT HIS BODDY THE SAME!!! She tasked him with watching over the world, and making sure that humans never destroyed themselves, and Odysseus was not happy with it. But he understood the necessity. Once he accepted, Athena gave him his gifts to aid him in playing watchman.


BUTTERFLY: Not actually a butterfly…… goddamn kids…. This is an Abyssmal Steel and Celestial Gold xiphos. Its sharp, its strong, its deadly, and looks nothing like a GODS DAMNED BUTTERFLY Calm down, Odey, it was just a prank bro This sword has a magical sheath where it will always return to if Odysseus so wills it, no matter where it has gone. The sword is strong enough to cut through a car door after two or three hits, and is strong enough to withstand maybe the force of an RPG. It doesn’t melt or burn, however, so there is that. Once it hits flesh, the sword has the ability to prevent regeneration of the wound.

ACHILLES’ SPEAR: A spear…… Taken from his pyre…. This spear allows me…… I mean Odysseus… The spear has a wooden shaft and Celestial bronze point. This is simply a normal spear, aside from the fact that it can actually hurt both angels and demons, as well as things like Skia with both and gods with neither.

CELESTIAL BOW: This bow was made to be like Artemis, and fire moon beams, beams made of moonlight. These are normal arrows, except made of moonlight and designed to keep going until they hit flesh. The bow itself can be banished or resummoned. No extra damage or range.


PRAYER OF ATHENA: This grants Odysseus greatly increased intelligence. Lasts five minutes with a ten-minute cool down. Intelligence increases to a much higher level, or about 10 times that of a human. During cool down, Odysseus will be slightly more clumsy as well, meaning his hits will be about 75% less accurate and his movement speed will be halved. This doesn’t mean he will trip and fall or drop his weapon or be disarmed easier.

Fighting Style
Odysseus first analyses everything with his heightened human intelligence. He is the perfect tactician, and will seem to almost know what his opponent is doing. He is constantly analysing his opponent and after a few minutes can start predicting what his opponent will do with 30% accuracy. After Odysseus has a plan, he acts it out almost perfectly. Of course, the more chaotic his opponent, the harder his plan will be to complete.