Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



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Name: (Including alias, title, what story they’re from, etc) Tyler Dagree, from the Legend Series

Age: (Optional) He ages throughout the series, starting at 2, and so far has gotten up to roughly 1,031 or so

Gender: (Optional) Male

Species: (Optional) Shapeshifter

Origin: (Where do they come from? Such as the city, name of nation, name of universe, etc) He comes from a family of powerful Elementals who have a close affinity to Water, his family home is Stormhall, but he is abandoned in the story and discovered in a forest by a pack of Shapeshifters (not because he was unwanted, but conflict in the family)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character) Tyler is a Shapeshifter meaning he can turn into any animal he wants at will, his Birthform being that of a wolf (which in this form his head is level with that of a male human of average to slightly above average height) and his secondary form is human, but he CAN turn into anything else that is real in our world, the speed at which he shifts is determined by many factors, but his Birth and secondary forms are his strongest he is also an excellent leader and has great respect for nature and animals.

Appearance: Wolf: pure dark grey wolf | Human: average height, strong build, dark hair and unique blue eyes (these eyes are how a Dagree recognizes another Dagree actually because of the shade of blue, their eyes remain the same color in any form)

Personality: He is thoughtful and kind, but has a very dark side. His Primal side is why his dark side is so dark, when he goes full-on Primal he turns into a merciless killer, but he can control it now, and works with his Primal side, steering himself away from the murderous side of being Primal and using his anger and hatred of his Primal side to help him conquer and eliminate or pacify threats. He also cares about his family and wants to do right by others, tired of the suffering around him but also haunted by the things he has done.

Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc) Tyler was abandoned (the real reason hasn’t been revealed yet and is a huge spoiler, but it does have to do with his father like the false memories he has also say, only it wasn’t bevause of this ancient, deadly sickness only Shapeshifters can get, it was because both his parents aren’t who he thinks they are, his mother is not his mother), he was tormented and made Omega by the Alpha’s son, but spared by his adopted daughter, the son’s sister when she defended him, he had taken a liking to her long before that, after that first meeting were she actually paid attention to him, nearly dying (and coming back from the dead a few times like Shapeshifters can) they became friends, slowly he raised up in rank and when she took him as her mate, he rose to the rank of Alpha and she helped him become that, he no longer cowered, instead he made others follow him and obey.

Weaponry: (All armament that they use, different than armour and ability) Tyler is effective with most weapons, especially guns, spears and swords, as well as knives. He saves using the bow for hunting, but he is best with close up combat, and if no weapon is available, he will not hesitate to use claw and fang while in human form if need be (he tries not to). FOR INTENT OF ARENA: Tyler carries two revolvers, an Elemental bow (very powerful, he can manipulate its power using his Elemental abilities, say he shoots an arrow, he can then make the arrow explode as it hits the target, thousands of tiny little ice shards bursting outwards, killing anythig within a 10 ft radius at least, kills weak creatures, like normal humans, supernatural creatures (depending on how strong they are) can be dealt massive to mild damage by this attack and can be done a once to a few times in a row depending on how much he focuses himself into this ability, he also has two swords and a Haagaash blade, a dagger dipped in the blood and venom of a Naga, a gift from a past lover, Claira. The effects of both the Naga’s blood (which is like a drug) with their venom (small doses, it’s a hallucinogen, large doses, lethal). Tyler also has a spear he can summon with his Elemental power at will, along with other weapons he is skilled with that are simple, knives, swords, bows, arrows. (Note: When using the Elemental bow, heavy magical attacks require energy, but most don’t have much effect on him, simple things like summoning more arrows when his normal quiver run out has such little drain on him it doesn’t effect him)

Armour: (Any defensive equipment that they had, having protective scale, etc): not sure on this, I am not good at explaining apparel at all.

Abilities: (Please describe their powers and their capability, what they could do, what things they use to attack or defend themselves, or any other form of abilities): He can move extremely fast, moving almost in a blur. He can shift into any animal he wants. He is an Elemental, meaning he can use the four Elements, water, air, fire and earth, but he prefers water. When he gets really angry the temperature around him will drop to freezing and frost will spread outwards from him if he can’t get a hold of his power. Tyler also is very in tune with his Primal side, also referred to as his inner animal, all Shapeshifters have a Primal side, but most aren’t as closely bonded with it as he is and able to not be consumed and erased by it taking over permanently. As a Shapeshifter, he can die and come back, but they will always be in a weakened state when coming back, the mortal wound having healed enough to keep them from dying. Only way to permanently kill them is a shot to the head, also, if they die from other means, and shift into their Birthform, they aren’t coming back, they are seen as the tanks of the supernatural world for this, also, it is hard to tell if they are dead dead in their Birthform if they died in that form. Also, all Shapeshifters have venom, but they refrain from using it as it is so deadly, only in life or death circumstances. Tyler also has a connection with the spirit world, and an entity named Natalie that can create shields around him, but all his abilities require energy, so it isn’t like these things have infinite amount of time they can be done for or unlimited times he can use them, shifting can tire them out, he has a thing called an Inner Eye that is stuck open, so he is constantly dealing with spirits and seeing them.

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight): uses his speed to his advantage, also will shift in and out of forms, uses his Elemental abilities, he also will be in tune with his Primal side

Quote: (Optional, but if included make sure they are meaningful) “I may know nothing about fear, but I know everything about terror” (not sure if it makes sense, if not, let me know)

Nerfs: Once he’s down (meaning dead) he’s done, also, all of his abilities require energy (always have) and so he can only do so much before he is exhausted (weakened), the entity tied to him can only make strong shields, but if a hard hit is done to that shield it will shatter and not be able to be made again (that is if I included that in his abilities, if not, ignore this), also, it takes great physical damage to kill him most times, but magic damage…well, it’s magic, not a ton he can do against it other than use his own, but as mentioned before, all his stuff requires energy, also, he has a weakness to silver, any mortal wound dealt by it kills him


Lets just remove the venom until the boss round, if thats okay with you. Everything else is going to be okay for this round, although maybe if you broaden the ways of killing him that would be better.

Anyways, Thank ya


yup (like I said, they don’t use it often, only sparingly) and actually, when you think about it? Killing him is difficult, but not if you do it right (shot to the head, any other fatal shot that would kill a normal person, so long as those are silver, extreme damage, poison)


I understand, but the extreme damage is not likely to happen against from players this round lol, but I am glad you are letting me remove the venom. Accepted


Did I also add that when they die and come back, it takes awhile? Getting them down can be easy, killing them for good is what is hard (just to clarify)


Yes you did, but with the other forces in play, someone coming back would skew the fight and make it really hard to keep it balanced.


What I am trying to say is for the sake of this, once he’s down, he’s down


We do nerf as needed to keep things in check with the power level of the round. Even if something is unlikely to happen, we best to make sure that everything is appropriate for the time and place. Although knowing how to kill the character for good does help. :slight_smile:


I see, thank you for the explanation


Hey everyone,

I am thinking of opening the round. First, I need the input of my mod bois @blue_jay and @Crimson_Scythe for Odey. I think I have to fight this round just to get things going. But right now, I’m seeing the contestants as follows:

Option A Odey vs Tyler and Rex vs Fahmir.
My reasoning is that Rex and Fahmir are both excessively fast, which against Odey would be an instant win, even given his over all intelligence. Meanwhile, Tyler is fast but not like broken fast, so it would give Odey room to react and plan.

Okay so literally that’s the only match up I think will be fair. Everyone is free to put in their input


I’m fine with whoever and whichever :3


@Shadowdrakon99 I also I replied to your EBG question if you didn’t seen it yet


Character list:

Tyler Dagree by @PellinorLover2314 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version (awaiting confirmation of nerfs)

Rex by @blue_jay (Accepted)

Fahmir by @Crimson_Scythe (accepted)

Odysseus by @Shadowdrakon99 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version (awaiting review from mods)


from me?


I saw and I’m between books, lol. Everyone from Silence would be broken even on the round, and I currently don’t have the joy in them to nerf them. I spent too much time writing it and I need a breakscadoodle and Demented and Diseased characters are too weak


Yeah, from you lol. All I need you to do is add the nerfs and tell me so I can review it and approve you


Oh well yeah okay, no problem. xD

Also I see no problem with Odysseus and nothing to nerf, other than just one thing, that you mentioned a moon beam but forgot to explain what it is. I assume it’s just moonlight?