Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version





Oh I see what you mean. Yeah it’s just moonlight in the shape of arrows. Do you want me to add that for clarification?


Yeah, otherwise people would not know what it is. xD


Okie dokie I’ll add it in the morning




Well then I think we’re all good to go! :wink:

We delayed this long enough, everyone been waiting. Next time we should start under few weeks. Perhaps try to be more active, so the progress can go quicker.


I was waiting to have enough players tbh and I hope it goes a little better .







We could do a cross promotion work on EBG later for the benefit of both community, so you can gain more player and both can work together! :smile:


do I need to be active for this? Or can I just leave this open while I do something?


Character list:

Tyler Dagree by @PellinorLover2314 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version(accepted)

Rex by @blue_jay (Accepted)

Fahmir by @Crimson_Scythe

Odysseus by @Shadowdrakon99 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version(accepted)


You can do whatever you need. Basically we just argue who’s character would win.


ah, ok


That could be very helpful :smile:


Actually I never implemented the nerfs Dx


Oof DX


OKAY I got your nerfs done xD

Sorry that took me… 3 months :man_facepalming:

but I went back and read over all the nerfs and applied them all.


oh, I thought something happened, I was at work training for our restaurant to open on Monday and everyone is new, and many of us are teenagers


Nope not yet.

I will start in an hour or so so that you can see how it’s done XP


alright, by then it’ll be break time from what I am doing