Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



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So honestly, this battle is slanted in Tyler’s favor.
He has the advantage of versatility and speed. He is quick and has elemental attacks to back it up. However, he can’t match Odysseus in strategy.

Odysseus has to rely almost solely on intelligence and stealth. If he can’t keep out of sight of Tyler, he won’t last long in hand to hand with only his Xiphos. However, Odysseus will also be able to make a fairly decent judgement on what Tyler will do, so that does add a lot to his favor


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But did you take into account Tyler’s senses? He was born a wolf, not to mention, if he were to shift into a different form, his senses would match the senses of that animal and he is also sensitive to smell unless there is too much going on for him to focus that sense to it’s full capability


I did. You have to remember we are in a bombed out city where the dust hasn’t settled yet. There is probably a strong smell from the bombs as well as dusty dust that will cover Odeys scent. As for being quiet, that’s not too big an issue since Odey comes from the universe this takes place in where everything is extra buff lol. He probably won’t be able to walk up right behind Tyler or anything like that, but as long as he keeps his distance, he’ll be a little difficult to track


Have you accounted for the unpredictableness of Tyler’s Primal side though?


Ahh yes the primal side. This could pose a challenge to Odysseus, but most of Odysseus plans can account for numerous paths if you will.


Can he account for Tyler’s size in wolf form? If he manages to use his speed to overpower and get him on the ground his weight alone would pose a struggle for him, not to mention the savgeness of his attacks when I’m Primal mode


Not to mention, Tyler also has an entity attached to him


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can Odey get out of this one?



Oh god he’s having way too many weapons and technique for such a low power level… o-O

Fahmir still could somehow counter them all with his precognition, but if Rex himself got a bit of precognition then I’m toast because Rex far surpassed his opponent in term of skill, stamina, strength, durability, reflex, and much more things.

So, Fahmir’s only hope is at ranged attack with his magic, but even that is very unlikely to ever hit, because Rex is super fast, agile, swift, good at countering weapons, soooooo yeah no way Fahmir can win against him. Even if he can hit Rex, he’s still way more durable and can take in so many damage without showing pain. Fahmir is just an ordinary human. A simple katana slash can kill him.

I mean, Fahmir’s Monarch Butterfly could one-hit-kill Rex but I doubt that will ever hit someone as fast as Rex who could do all of these. :rofl:


My character form if anyone need it


Crim Fahmir isn’t outmatched XD they are both about the same speed. Rex focuses on furious attacks where as Fahmir seems to rely more on counter attacking and reading his opponent. Don’t throw in the towel yet lol