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Odey has a xiphos, which is a short sword, not longer than a forearm. In order for Tyler to get close, not only is Odey’s spear in the way, he will have to get past Butterfly. Even with Tyler’s speed advantage and unpredictability in his Primal form, charging Odey is likely to end up being a bad move on Tyler’s part becauce Odey would easily be able to plan his moves and react to Tyler’s charge precisely.


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what about his Elemental capabilities? He isn’t limited to just watter/ice, he can use all four Elements


he stopped a knife once before it could kill his mate, and she had been using her abilities for about 80 years and had no time to stop it, this happened when his abilities first came to him as well, as their abilities when they first come to them pretty much explode out of them in some way, he’s now in his thousands and has learned how to use them, and as an extention of his Elemental side (if she makes a difference) he has an Elemental horse named Ruin that also has speed like him


Weird I don’t think Rex is very fast at all. Nothing he does (aside from cutting through steel beams) is outside of a human’s potential.


I assume his elemental abilities are limited to where he can see, which is why Odysseus needs to mostly keep his distance until he can plan out something to trap Tyler or wear him down.

As for stopping knives, how do you mean? I don’t think he can just catch blades by grabbing them with his hand without getting severely cut.


no, he froze it with his Elemental abilities


That’s also what Fahmir can do easily, especially when he canonically dodged AND knocked down bullets with a rapier. With a blade as thin as rapier.

However this is merely because of his precognition and analysis skill. And no there’s no way he could dodge bullets by himself. He only achieve bullet-knocking level of skill because he could predict the exact speed of the projectile via calculation, since the one who used the gun is in panic and has no strategy other than blind shooting. Bullets has a predictable speed. It’s different when it comes to people.

Even more, Rex already has a bit of precognition, so Fahmir is outmatched even if his precognition is better, because without his precognition, he’s pretty much an average human fighter unless he’s more skilled than a typical real world soldier. His natural talent is no match for an awesome ninja like Rex and all his far superior skill when it comes to combat, assassination, and much more features that he mastered.

Fahmir’s only advantage in here is his precognition, not like an accurate future sight, but more like logical analysis to know where this and that would go and where he need to hit or evade. So he do could counter Rex, but because Rex is far faster than Fahmir, he bound to overwhelm Fahmir until he run out of stamina, since Fahmir isn’t combat-oriented person. Sure he’s skilled, super fast and all, but he’s not a powerful melee fighter.

The only way he could win this is to use his Stances, but considering the speed and reflex of Rex, I doubt that any would even hit.


Again idk where you’re getting the idea of Rex being a lot faster :confused:


Fahmir isn’t the most combat-oriented person on the series. He’s like, really speed but only in a short series of burst. He has no sustenance because his stamina is seriously really lacking. It’s even an in-canon running gag. xD

He’s the leader of the group, but other than his precognition, intellect, strategic capability and insanely high accuracy, then he’s not that good at combat.

Sure, he could blow steel armor and walls easily, but that cost quite much and cannot be spammed, especially his super powerful finishing move that’s super flashy and Rex would most likely able to evade before it even reach close to him.


Okay but I’m still confused on the speed bit?

I’d say they’re relatively equal, maybe one edges out the other but it’d be marginal at best. I will have to agree that Rex seems to be the more endurance based character, he just seems like he’d be able to last longer in a fight.

The weakness I see in Fahmir is he seems like he needs a decent amount of distance to execute his attacks. I’d say at least a few meters (would I be wrong?)

Sure Rex can close the gap himself by just blitzing but he has his kunai as well that could get Fahmir off balance. Kunai wouldn’t be nearly fast enough to tag him but I think it’d be enough to throw him out of his stance.

Hmmm yeah I think I’d have to agree on another part as well. If Rex can keep the fight up close he can feasibly win this. Especially since his “Stone Mask/Face” will make it pretty hard to predict. And from a weapons standpoint, a blade with a curve just does better than a straight blade in a face to face fight.



Also, you forget Tyler is skilled in long range weapons (especially guns as he has been in the military) and has had a little over a thousand years to practice

(Also, I know what other abilities he gains overtime so I have to keep reminding myself of his abilities at this point in his life as the ones he gains later would make him overpowered in the arena (even if they aren’t making him overpowered in the story), an example is when he is revealed to have an Original earth-bound to him, literally a part of him, and they are actually even bigger than him in their wolf forms (there are four Originals, the two who are earth-bound died in their wolf forms) and his Elemental abilities become even stronger than they are, also even later he is discovered to be a Divine or god, and not just any, the King of Gods)


I am aware of his skill, just he doesn’t have any weapons with him


why doesn’t he?


where and when did I say he had no weapons?


To makes it simple, imagine a fighter with high dexterity point but nearly no strength point, because he can move fast, but his stamina is so limited. Fahmir can execute his target really quickly, he’s having one of the most exceptional near-superhuman level of speed (on the story so far), even without any superhuman power, since his supernatural power (Clairvoyance) and magic (his weapon) doesn’t boost his speed (until the later part of the story, not the current part) but all of this are merely super accurate and strategic placement and coordination.

Imagine that Fahmir is the kind of tennis player who didn’t use instinct on hitting the ball. He calculate and predict so he know where the ball would exactly goes, like the way he predict the speed of oncoming projectile. It’s what a machine could do via logic.

He can’t do that to people. He would know that it would took ten step to reach this destination with this constant speed, but it’s hard to be done because people can change their movement mid-way before the destination. The only reason why his movement is so accurate, deadly and fast, is that he’s like a guided homing missile, knowing where to hit, when, and in which position. He can do this to people but it’s very limited, like he can see that if they’re showing this kind of stance, he knew that their blade will aim to certain part of his body. So he has no actual warrior-like combat talent, just intellectual prediction with extreme accuracy.

Someone who act on pure reflex like Rex, having a body that act automatically against threat, is something harder for Fahmir to hit because the counter of Fahmir’s precognition is unpredictability. Rex fulfill much of the requirement to counter Fahmir, since he leave no “information” for Fahmir to collect for his analysis, such as sound, vision, and emotion.

Sure he still stand a chance to win, but once he run out of stamina, he’s toasted.

And he’ll fully understand that Rex having superior strength, speed, and skill, so he’ll try to finish this as fast as he could by trying to disable his movement by attacking the joint, better if he can topple his balance, before a split-second of instant rush to skewer his heart out. However, this is something very hard to be done because Rex can ignore pain to inhuman level.

Fahmir still could predict his attack, estimating how much second until his blade hit, foreseeing where the blade will go, but against someone with far supreme combat skill, speed and strength, he just wouldn’t survive this.


I suppose I can see where it is that you’re coming from. Rex is a combat fighter for sure, meaning combat and high impact is where he shines.

Him being grounded in reflex does hurt Fahmir but like I said another thing that seems to hurt Fahmir and help Rex is the fact that Rex prefers to fight close, Fahmir seems like he can do well in a close fight but he seems to need at least a little bit of distance for his Stance abilities. (or am I wrong in thinking that?)

Secondly the problem with Fahmir rushing Rex like that is that Rex’s biggest hits are counter attacks. Especially with his Draws, but the Full Moon Draw and the Twin Moon Draw are were I think Fahmir will have the harder time because those are meant to slip through another’s attacks and use them to his advantage.


Or we could just be super simple and say “One is like a ninja, one actually is a ninja”



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There aren’t any weapons on the form at all. Did you make sure to read the character form on page one all the way? If you have weapons you have to put them on the form so everyone knows what is going on