I decided to open this discussion because every time I meet someone who has read shadowhunters it takes me crazy when I tell them what I am about to write (and maybe they are right). I love Valentine and Jocelyn together! i like luke’s character but i can’t see him well with jocelyn! or what do you think?

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First of all, hiii

Interesting :thinking: Are you talking about the younger Valentine and Jocelyn, or the ones from the time of the books?

ok, that’s a good question. Let’s say both. I find the story of when they were young more interesting, of course, but I like to think that there is something left even after. both he and she had no relationship until Valentine died. Joceyn deserves to be happy with Luke too, but in my opinion it’s not the same kind of relationship she had with Valentine. Jocelyn and Luke remind me a little of Simon and Clary; the two of them were fine together in the end, Clary also says that it was “pleasant” to kiss Simon, but it is a country that the relationship between ei and Jace is more than pleasant! the same reasoning for me also applies to Jocelyn, Valentine and Luke.

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Me too, it’s something we don’t know that much about.

So as friends? :thinking: Yes I can see why.
So you would make an AU, where the war never happened, or Valentine never died?
I have read “many” fanfics where Jocelyn, Valentine, Clary and Sebastian live together as a happy family. But if you can give a little depth to it and make it original, it could work!

i am italian, and for now i am writing a fanfiction about valentine and jocelyn as young people, but it has just started and i am trying to develop better. After this story I already have in mind to write a fanfiction on the relationship between clary and valentine, which will however follow the events of the books. I am not going to resurrect Valentine, or at least not really, but I have always loved the pieces in which he and his daughter speak, since in my opinion they are much more similar than they seem, and more people in the story point this out. for sure if I write a story I won’t change the events of the books though

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