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Genre: romance; YA; new adult
Link: Here

Anything can happen in New York and that is why Liz likes the city so much. Elizabeth lives a somewhat double-life, half glamourous, being part of the high society and going out with her two best friends; and half normal, studying Literature at college and working at a radio station. But nothing she ever lived had prepared her for the British hurricane that was to come. Axton was excruciatingly handsome and she suspected, trouble. She falls for him as she discovers he might be more bad boy than she ever imagined.


Title: The Pineapple Fountain

Genre: New Adult (romance/adventure)



Title: The Panic Room
Genre: Mystery-Thriller, Psychological Horror.

You may find this book interesting. It is about six subjects in a serial killers death game. As they struggle to survive they realize that they were chosen for the death game for deeper reasons than they thought, and the serial killer, AlfendQ, is not someone to take lightly. It is a dark, and gritty, fast paced novel. The genre is Mystery-Thriller and Psychological Horror. If you’re interested, let me know and I would be happy to follow you.

If you read to the end, then the twist ending will shock you. If you don’t, I would be happy to receive any critiques you have for the first chapter.

Here’s the link.


Thank you!!!


I need your help with a book I am writing. It is called Wattpad’s Voice. I am trying to provide a place where people can write about people they knew and thought that more people need to know about them. So far I have a story from one person and was wondering if you have anything to add to this book. There is more information in the prologue of the story.