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This is closed. Might be opened in March.

Hey, Shadow here. My old critique thread was very disorganised and messy, so I decided to make a new one. Please do not request on the old thread.

I’ll critique your story, the first three chapters for free! More than three chapters’ payment is stated below. Payment should be completed after acceptance and before the critiquing starts.

Please note that I am not a professional writer, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. Just send me it with the form below.

Form -

Feedback method:

Payment -

3 chapters or less - completely fo fwee!

5 chapters - feedback comments on the first chapter of one of my stories OR you dedicate the fourth and fifth chapters of your story to me OR you follow me (choose one).

7 chapters - feedback comments on the first and second chapters of one of my stories OR you follow me and dedicate the fourth until seventh chapters to me (in the second option, you must do both)

10 chapters - feedback comments on the first, second, and third chapters of one of my stories AND you follow me (you have to do both)

My feedback only goes up to the tenth chapter. I will only keep reading if I want to.

Others -

I do not do fanfictions, and I am allowed to refuse any book if I want to. Also note that I have a life, and it may take a long time to complete your story critique. If you choose comments, I will also mostly likely use inline comments.

When you request and I’ve already reviewed it, please edit it! I’m here to help you make your story better, and if you don’t edit and just made me review it for nothing then that’s just a dick move. If you don’t edit after I critique, I will most probably hate you until the end of time.

Please keep track on whether you’ve been moved to the waiting list to the ongoing, and the ongoing to the completed. I will not inform you when your critique is done because you should know it yourself.

One last block of text: I might be a bit harsh. Not very, not until the point you cry, but please take note that I’m not trying to offend.

Thank you!

Last of all, please notify me if I did anything wrong.

~ Shadow :winterstars:





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Title: The Alpha’s Flame
Author: Jane Barnaby (Moi~)
Summary: Warning, this is the full plot of the story. I have not yet come to the point of making a real summary that only hints at some of the plot and sounds exciting

Zanixa was bottled a long time ago, and has been in a mage’s personal collection for some time. After the mage passes away because of a curse, his collection is sold for money - including Zanixa. She’s bought by Oscen, an Alpha werewolf who thinks she’s simply an illusion in a bottle. He notices she’s actually a real being and lets her out, allowing her to join the Sharion pack. The pack is not happy having a fox in their midst, and try their best to frame her and get rid of her. Rogues attack the pack, she saves them, and they finally accept her into the pack, viewing her as a hero.

Feedback method: I hope you do Google Docs, as it’s not on Wattpad yet
Chapters: Three, each of just over 1,000 words
Genre: Fantasy
Link: The Alpha’s Flame

Don’t fear your proposed edits aren’t getting done, as it’s quite easy to alter in Docs, which is great :smiley: I generally either go over them in real-time with you, or look at all the suggestions afterwards and accept/reject them.

And, last but not least, thank you for offering this. I know how much of a pain in the butt reviewing/critiquing can be <3


Erm… this is closed for catch-up. But I will add you to the waiting list anyway, I guess?


Is there any way to be notified when you reopen? :pray:t4:


I will tag you :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :grin:


Hi there! Im Frankie, and i need your help.
I just started writing a story that has 4 prologues and I want to know which order to put them in to insure I keep readers interested. Can you read them and let me know what you think? Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this book! I know it can be great with a little bit of help from the community!


Ah, shit. I forgot to add that this is closed… okay then, @FrankieThread. I’ll add you to the waiting list.


Hi! Since I accepted @FrankieThread’s request, I’m going to let you request as well if you still want to. :slight_smile:


Oh. I thought CFCU was a fancy name for your thread or something. You might want to make that more clear facepalm


Are you facepalming at me or yourself? :o
And yes, I edited the thread lol


Both. Mostly me

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Aww yay! I’d like your reply but wattpad said I used all my hearts! :upside_down_face:

Title: Imperial Moon
Author: ImperialARG
Centuries ago, the Moon bestowed a gift on a small village.
The people that lived there were forever transformed, becoming wolves in the night.
Generations later, the wolves learned control, shifting form at will, and the modern-day Werewolf was born.

Katja has been running for 8 years.
When a rogue wolf chases her into unknown territory, she comes face to face with the most terrifying pack on Earth.
Can Katja escape the brutal Alpha?
Does she want to?
Will her past catch up with her before she has a chance to decide?
Feedback method: in-line comments if you can, please!
Chapters: 5 for you to read if you can! I’ll follow you now! You can read on if you feel like it and I’ll comment on your stories.
Genre: Werewolf

Thank you so much for considering :grin:

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Hey everyone!

I have been really busy. Exams, field trips, other stressful stuff. Because of this, the critiques will be quite late. I’m sorry to say this, but yeah. Just don’t expect it to be anytime soon.



Am I too late? Hope you can consider putting me in the waiting list. I’m in no rush :slight_smile:


Ehhh… fine. But it’ll still be quite long until I do it.


It’s fine for me…

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