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Hi, fellow writers. I am very willing to read your story. Every chapter of your story, if I LIKE it. Just post it here. Moreover, even though, I am not that good in writing, of course, I still know something. So if you’re willing to hear my feedback on your story, post now. Though, I will only be able to give feedback on two to five chapters. But if I like the story, I can do more.

Payment would be a permanent follow for all three services. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just follow the format please


Very simple

If I am in a good mood, I may read another book of yours. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

New batch

  1. @kyrrai Enlighten me
  2. @Nii_YA Fragmented
  3. @paddycarr Black rose
  4. @Writerthoughtss Ivory Black
  5. @rosemill2017 Ex- Future Queen of Salovia
  6. @modestmeriSchrodinger’s Child
  7. @thebicameralmind The Core Machina
  8. @shadowsettle Latte Heart
  9. @dear_wormwood Son of Winter- All the King’s Men
  10. @RLTiger Blood Bond

First batch

  1. @ErinH333 From Riches to Rags
  2. @Lucille_Dixon All
  3. @SkyeSweven The Wasteworld
  4. @ydevanshu Ratna and the Nine Mystical Gems

I would also be very happy if you give time to check out my story A WORLD UNTOLD. Though if you don’t want to, that’s okay. After all, the payment is a permanent follow. Have a good day!

FEEDBACK for FEEDBACK <3 (5 slots open for now)

What do you mean payment?


This is like a trade you see. In exchange of me reading, and giving feedback on your story, you will have to follow me. I will read all chapters of your story but I can give feedback on few chapters only. That is if you want.


I am in it’s called Poems for thought, not finished but yeah I want some feed back and have followed you.


Also do you want feed back on any of your works?


That would be fine. But can I do, yours later? Because I still have 121 chapters to read :D. I got a PM from a certain follower.


Hello! :smile:

I’ve edited your post to remove the mention of votes, as it can be considered as vote trading, which is against Wattpad’s Code of Conduct.

Of course, if you like the chapter, you may vote on it, but offering it as part of your package is against Club Guidelines :smile:

Thanks for understanding!

Kay - Community Ambassador :xkaydotx:


This may take time so I hope you understand.


As long as you get it done. Although it is only short 14 chapters.


Of course


I’m sorry about that :grin::grin:


Hi! I’d love to have your feedback on my story ^^. I have three chapters and a very short prologue up for now.
Title: The World Changer
Genre: Fantasy Adventure.


Title:P.s I love you wolfsbane
Its still an ongoing book but I would love your feedback. I know youre probably busy so take your time. Ill go ahead and follow you now!


Title: Regicide
Genre: Fantasy
Thank you so much x


I would love if you could read my book and provide feedback
Fantasy Romance

What happens when the Vampire Queen is mated with Alpha King???
is it possible?
will both species revolt or accept them happily?
will they accept each other?
what happen when they have to face the enemy together?

A prophecy which tells that she will be mated to an Alpha but what happens when she comes to know that he is Alpha King?

Katherine Ainsel, the most feared yet soft hearted queen of vampire with all her past and trust issues has a mate who is ruthless and heartless. He despises vampires and does not a want mate.

What happens when he finds his mate that too a Vampire Queen?


Title: Angels
Genre:Teen Fiction, Short story


title: Behind The Scenes
genre: teen fiction/romance

i just followed you!


Done :slight_smile:


Thank you ^^!


Welcome :smile: