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Title: His Girl
Genre: Teen Fiction


Hello! I offer you:

Title: The Greatest Obsession
Genre: Vampire (Historical LGBT Romance)

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Title: The Gift of Death
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Title: This is Our Sunset
Genre: thriller/sub genre; romance


Raquelle Conroy - a selfless, sympathetic good girl living the last of of her high school life before graduating. Meeting new people and developing new friendships helps her change into a more confident and wild girl. A typical high school life with parties, drama, and juicy gossip. However, despite her perky personality, Raquelle has a dark past. It was all fun and games until she graduates but her past doesn’t leave her.

When Aaron- a local asshole gets hold of Raquelle’s revealing videos, tied with her abusive household, her life gets ruined and she plunges into the world of depression and suicide once again. What makes it even worse is that she finds herself in a toxic relationship with her best friend, Zach Ackers - Someone who came off as a fun and mischievous guy but had a dark side hidden to him.

What else makes it even more complicated? He was her friend’s boyfriend.

If you guys want a thrilling, dark, depressing story about forbidden love triangles, gang rivalries, with sprinkles of action, sexiness, and humor-- this is for you.


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Chasing Sin


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Title: When Life Gives You Lemons
Genre: Teen Fiction

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Title: Second Chances
Genre: Werewolf

Hi! I saw this post and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing my story, Second Chances. I just really like feedback and it would mean a lot. Thank you so much in advance! Have a wonderful day! Also, would you like any of your work done as well?


Of course :slight_smile: Though this might take time. I still have a lot to read.


Yay! Thank you! I also figured as much, so please take your time. I also followed you! I saw your location is Philippines. So salamat talaga ha! (English: Thank you very much – for anyone who was curious lol) =)