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Great, so what do you think? Anything that you particularly liked/ disliked? I know you mentioned long paragraphs and I agree, some are too long and will be broken into shorter ones. I really hope you liked it, though. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. Cheers! :slight_smile::blush:


I really have no problem with the way you write. For me, it was going well. The flow of the story is smooth. Also, I liked it that you show Blake’s point-of-view. It helped me understand his inner self that he’s trying to hide. The typical boss :slight_smile: Although, I’ve read stories quite similar to this in the past, you made the main characters somehow unique in their own way.


Oh, thank you! You’ve just made my day!!! :grin::blush:


take your time please :blush:


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Title: Beauty Is In The Clouds
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Just Survive
Science Fiction


Title: Really Truly, Reese
Genre: Teen Fiction


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Title: the end of me in a diary
Genre: Teen fiction

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Title: The Record Shop Thief Wears a Jean Jacket
Genre: Teen Fiction


Title: Temptation
Genre: Paranormal

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