Share A Chapter That You Think Would BLOW MY MIND!


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I bet if you posted your own story request thread and asked for fantasy and magic, you’d get a lot of stories pretty quick!


Already posted :slight_smile: but not about magic. Its about upcoming world water day 2019. Already there are 13 mini e-books


Hello! I think that Keladry meant it is better to search for stories on your own thread, as all this posting on this thread will probably get confusing for the Original Poster when they come back to look for the stories they asked for!


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Oh no, not wrong! :hugs: Just that typically people post their own threads when they are looking for stories so that they can keep everything straight and find the people who asked them to read their stories! If we start discussing on their thread it can get confusing for the Original Poster, because they have to scroll through a bunch of posts that don’t relate to their thread to find the content they are looking for. It is fine to pick stuff up from other peoples threads, you just might not want to post a lot on other people’s searching threads if it’s not what they asked for!

And yes, mine is Sierra!


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  1. Summary: An intrepid band of space travelers, Nfrite, Serhat, and Kuma have come from their home planet to Sqia’lon Seven. They want to learn the truth about the inhabitants of their ruined sister planet. Once they hear a voice calling to them, however, their quest takes a dark turn.
  2. Chapter: The First and Only Chapter'lon-seven
  3. Genre: Sci-fi
  4. Spoiler: The entire story is a single chapter. Bon Appetite!
  5. Optional - Cover & Blurb:

#34 here


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Yeah, it does count as fantasy ^-^ Haha.


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Thanks for sharing, but it’s too much sci fi for me. I’m in a mood for slight sci fi :wink:




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I have read a couple of recommended chapters and added them to the list in the OP. Check out what I liked about them :+1::heart: