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Story Blurp Castian Grey is losing everything. But after much suffering, he refuses to lose alone. As his physical illness progresses, translating a once noble knight from light, into obscurity; a city is plunged into darkness by the emergence of an insidious, unforgiving, malevolent force.

Chapter I - You lost me at Goodbye
Chapter I details the first catalyst that took Castian Grey from a charming artist, to a merciless serial killer. His heart is broken after he begins to lose his vision drastically altering his view of the world.


Thanks for sharing this. I find that the words you chose were difficult for me to understand as a non-native speaker. So, I think I’ll pass on this one. I read the blurb of your story and it was so difficult to understand. It also gave me some historical fiction or fantasy vibes. I’m sure native English speakers would love it, though.


So… I have a few chapters that you might like, but I think/hope you like this one the most. /Crosses fingers/.

Summary: On a distant planet there’s two races. Sinderlos (the tyrannical race that’s evil) and Anthros (the oppressed ones). After a giant shock wave causes chaos across the world a number of Anthros gain super powers. The chapter follows Data, a known hacker for anyone that pays him well with electrical powers, and Werlan, a sarcastic mercenary with powers as well, driving to a town to try and stop a doomsday device but they run into some trouble on the way, leading to the chapter.

Chapter: I forget the number but the chapter is called Dusk Road.

Genre: It’s low Si-Fi but the chapter is horror based.

Spoiler The chapter is exciting due to the characters’ interactions and the creepy feeling of what is happening in the house. Along with how the characters handle being trapped and chased by a monster.

Blurb: On a distant planet there’s two races. Sinderlos (the tyrannical race that’s evil) and Anthros (the oppressed ones). After a giant shock wave causes chaos across the world a number of Anthros gain super powers. Two groups form from these individuals, one acting as a paramilitary police force, and one as a freedom fighter group. The two sides now fight for control of the world.


Summary: After her friend mysteriously disappears, Barbara heads to the mansion of Pamela Isley- the woman she suspects is behind all the murders and disappearances in Gotham City.

Chapter 9:

Genre: Vampire

Spoiler: Pamela’s house of horrors is revealed, including where she has buried Barbara’s friend. Barbara finds out just how dangerous Pamela is once she sees a bathtub filled with blood. She is also chased around the mansion in a thrilling scene and led to find out more of Pamela’s true nature.

Blurb: On the night of Barbara Gordon’s eighteenth birthday, she meets Richard Grayson; son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Immediately, she knows something is off about him. His skin is too pale and his eyes burn a bright blue. Not to mention, the strange scent that seems to follow him.
While Richard and Barbara grow closer, a series of disappearances and brutal murders have been occurring throughout Gotham City. Barbara, determined to follow in her police commissioner father’s footsteps, wants to uncover who- or what- is behind these slayings. However, as she gets closer to the truth she finds herself tangled up in a game of mystery, the supernatural, and pure evil.

  1. Summary: A girl named Zara is filmed having sex and the video is put online. Little does she know, it is a stalker who has had his eyes on her for some time.

  2. Chapter:

  3. Genre: Mystery/Thriller

  4. **6MgIFBa
    Cover by: fleetingdream_19

Being filmed during sex should be done by consenting adults who trust each other. But unfortunately for Zara, that is not the case. She is filmed by an unknown man who had the audacity to put it online for the world to see.

But Zara can’t let this go without gaining some justice. With the help of her best friend Kizzy she begins her journey in discovering the true identity of the man and fighting to make sure he pays for violating her in such a hideous way.

This story has graphic content of sex, attempting to commit suicide and physical violence.


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I’m really sorry I didn’t add the rest of the information


I’m really sorry I didn’t add much truly sorry.
My story is actually low-scifi and if fiction. I didn’t add a blurb or spoiler cuz I have written only a single chapter but that is besides the point…sorry again

  • Summary: Mark is passionate and doesn’t let his flaws hold him back.Akio is flawless on the surface.However,when they both cross paths,they are lead through a series of rape,drugs and even murder.Could these individuals be hiding more than there seems to be?
    BL story Four unrelated university students are leading normal lives until destiny plays a game and throws them in dark,twisted web of love and betrayal.All have equally important roles to untangle others and themselves.The question is will they succeed?
    #tga2019#TheLitAwards2019 #SilentNightAwards2019
  • Chapter: Chapter 38
  • Genre: Mystery,Bl
  • Spoiler: The fact that MC realises his boyfriend’s family might not be as normal as he thought,including his boyfriend.


It’s all good! In the future, just make sure you’re following the guidelines of whoever is requesting. Good luck with your story :slight_smile:


This sounds like too much sci fi to me, but I think I’ll give this chapter a try :+1:


A vampire fanfiction of Gotham city and Batman! This I gotta read :grinning:


I like the cover. The summary sounded interesting at the beginning, but when I learned that it is a stalker investigation story I felt it’s not the type of stories I would personally enjoy, but I’m sure a lot of people will.
Thank you!


You’re fine.


OK. The summary didn’t really explain what happened in the chapters preceeding chapter 38. Also, it didn’t give me much sense about the plot.
I’ll pass, but thanks.


Yay!!! :grin:


Okay, I know I’m just really bad with summaries and the chapter is focused on horror than Si-Fi.


Cool. I’ve already added it to the list.


Okay, thank you, I just hope you like it.