Share a Paragraph (But it is a game)《Second Version》

I made a similar thread Share a Paragraph (But it is a game), and got another idea…whoops. The other thread did well enough so let’s try this one. It’ll be more challenging.
I hope the other thread does not die quickly either.


  1. The person before you shared their paragraph and gives a prompt for you. Example: Sun
  2. You go into your own book and find a paragraph containing the word ‘sun’.
  3. Copy and paste the paragraph, then give your own prompt.


If you cannot find a paragraph containing the word, find one related to it. For example, if you do not have ‘sun’, look for ‘light’, ‘day’, ‘rays’…

For prompts, you can also give phrases or quotes. Those are a bit trickier though.

You can always go more than once but try to have two comments after your previous before going again.

Be respectful and criticize the paragraph only when asked.

My Prompt: Moonlight
Let’s goooooooooo

“Her ruby eyes gleamed under the moonlight and with the warmth of Roea’s blue flames, the clearing seemed to shimmer with a shade of purple that even the moon aided to accommodate. It was like they were encased with stained glass, each angle providing a new burst of colours and shades.” - The Shrine, Guardian

Prompt: Cheese

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Really, cheese? Come on. That does not show off my story at all.

"Alright, dig in.” I say plopping onto the ground. We all sit around in a big circle as Sonnie brings a few sandwiches out of her bag. Tuna sandwiches for Ian and Anilla, Egg Salad Sandwiches for Elizabeth and myself, Ham sandwiches piled with meat and cheese for Sonnie and Michael, and finally a Vegan Wrap for Emilia.

Prompt: Shield

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I thrust my heavy shield into chests and legs, throwing my enemies onto their own people. Bones cracked on impact. I then roared over the loud music of war, freezing the white boys closest to where I stood, raging. I have been fighting for hours, growing more energetic with every second gone. Time slowed on the fields of crimson and carnage.

Hehe, writing a book about warriors helped.
Prompt: Twig

Agh, I love it, gonna have to check out what you are writing.

“You read a book on sword play? Here let’s show you the real thing.” He lunged and his sword neared my inside shoulder between my center and my blade. I back stepped, just barely avoiding the point of his sword, and I quickly lunged out underneath his retracting arm. My sword came inches away from his waist before he hopped to the side. He lunged aiming for my backside, I curled downward, and rolled across the grass. I sprung up and faced the swordsman, the fire was at his back now, and the crowd backed away. Against the fire I could see in his silhouette that there were small twigs and leaves coming off of him, and a few branches rising off his back.

Prompt -> Toxic

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(Aww thanks but only the first few chapters are top quality. There’ll be a major edit/rewrite season >.<
Also, I didn’t think cheese would be a prompt :joy: Gotta love Moppsie)

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(Hope you enjoy my two entries. Cheese was an interesting choice, had to dig through my unpublished drafts for something)

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(Yep, the cheese one made me crave stuff although dinner was not a while ago. Thank you for saving the thread.
The second had a mysterious ending. If it’s about swordsmen, I’d definitely check it out. When I’ve caught up with everything else.)

(Always happy to indulge my friends with delightful stories.)

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“Because man was a poisoned flower; doomed to kill you, or toxic enough to spiral you into insanity.”

Prompt: Rainbow.

Cheese is love, cheese is life.


falls over while trying to curtsy

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(someone else will have to answer the rainbow prompt. Not in any of my drafts do I mention rainbows.)


(Rainbow…hmmm let’s see since I’m a dark writer lmao. Your prompts always amazes me)

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(Oh, also you can do something related to rainbows so colourful, arc…let’s see anyway)

I got something but not with the word rainbow…and it’s kind of not published yet. >.<

Mo Sha pursed his lips, holding an iridescent sword to his face. He had used the unnaturally sharp blade when he cut the chains. “I don’t think so. You gave up your role as her teacher when you punished her for doing nothing. Besides using and abusing her, you’re nowhere near to being her teacher!”

Prompt: Inferno

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Don’t have an ‘inferno’ so I went with ‘blaze’ instead ~

“The fingers slipped from her face at a speed that left a heat burning her skin, the friction as she broke free from his clutch causing her to bring a palm to the blaze. She waited for the Fausto to grab at her again, but the cold hard touch never came.”

Prompt: Medicine

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Finally, she spoke, “You’re still taking your meds, right? I don’t need to fly home and make sure you’re not freaking out on me?”

Prompt: Love

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“Oh don’t be such a sad bitch,” Mitchel says, he smiles for a second, but the smile quickly goes away. “She loves you, she’s stuck with you through all this shit, even when I wasn’t there for you she was. I’m sorry that I wasn’t a good friend to you, but she always believed in you. Just be that good for her.” Mitchel opens the door to the truck and climbs out. He gives a half-hearted wave and walks to the door of his house.

Prompt: Tree

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I clutch Lorica’s chubby arms, gasping for a brief moment. I quickly pulled away from the warm man to rest my back against the tree. I stared into his amber-coloured eyes. I did not like what I saw.

Unpublished and extremely raw…
Prompt: Rain

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It was pouring rain outside, my windshield wipers were doing their job. I was on my way home after work, on a road that went on for a while when I noticed a woman walking on the side of the road.

This one’s actually from a short story called “A Ride in the Rain” lol

Prompt: Darkness

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