Share a Paragraph (But it is a game)

Okay, this might seem confusing at first and takes a bit of time but I’m here to procrastinate.


  1. The person before you shared their paragraph and gives a prompt for you. Example: Chapter 6, paragraph 3.
  2. You go into your own book and find this paragraph.
  3. Copy and paste the paragraph, then give your own prompt.


For the number of the chapter you put in your prompt it can be any number.
For paragraph number…let’s have the maximum number be 30.

If you do not have the chapter, use the chapter closest to the one requested.
If you do not have the paragraph, either choose a random paragraph or choose the closest paragraph.

You can always go more than once but try to have two comments after your previous before going again.

Be respectful and criticize the paragraph only when asked.

My Prompt: Chapter 2, paragraph 7
Let’s goooooo

This is fuuuuuuun!


Hey. wound up being his three letter missive. It was hardly groundbreaking as far as text messaging went, but it served its purpose. Julian had probably changed his number anyways and none of it would matter. Alex could go back to pretending to pay attention to his meeting - by the way, no one told him what a huge part of the job this would be - and let the memory of their chance meeting fade away.

Prompt Chap 1 Para 10


Why did soulmates have to be a thing? Who decided that everyone should be forced into this instead of making their own choices? His smile disappeared behind a scowl. Why did he have to be with someone at all?

Prompt: Chapter 3, paragraph 5


Hehe, I’m always thinking of thread ideas but I rarely put them out. Hopefully this works >.<


“Alright, enough talking and take me to your place. There is too much dark energy drifting around here at night.” She looked up at the twilight blanket decorated with small stars. It was the first time she was able to pause and admire the crystal-like dots. She felt Mo Sha shove a handful of smooth fabric into her palms. “Mo Sha?”

Prompt: Chapter 6, paragraph 9


“You should ask Asha to give you some tips,” my mom drones on, oblivious to my comment. I sip my coffee slowly, trying to contain my light rage. I shouldn’t be surprised that she would favor Asha over me.

prompt: chapter 2 paragraph 12

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“Alek…” I tailed off. It was all I could manage to say.

Prompt: chapter 4 paragraph 20

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“I’m not a man who pretends.” He replied icily. “I am not like the other gods who plaster fake expressions to please those above them. If I am annoyed, I will bristle. If I am livid, I will slaughter anyone in my path. I am that type of god.”

Prompt: Chapter 8, paragraph 13

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Ivy turns to Peter, he drops the dagger and sinks to floor, crying.

Prompt: Chapter 2, paragraph 9


Summer whispered to herself without confidence, “Where did the strangeness come from? I’m very normal.”

Prompt: Chapter 1, paragraph 1


“Tell me again, why do I have to go there?”

Prompt: Chapter 4, paragraph 21

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Xue Hua leaned backwards to escape his cold breath that smelled crisp as freshly fallen snow. She appreciated his honesty but he was too truthful and this frightened her. She felt her heart flutter as he leaned closer to her. Clutching the blanket, she watched the pale god reach behind her back.

XD two paragraphs one after the other.
Prompt: Chapter 7, paragraph 7

His chest was hurting more now, as if a huge gaping hole had opened up in it. “I’m sorry, Mother…you are right. I am undeserving of your love. From now on, I shall not make another mistake. I shall achieve success and perfection just as you have asked…Punish me as you wish. I deserve it.”

Prompt: Chapter 5, Paragraph 1


My alarm blares as I groan and roll over to the side of the bed. I sit up, rubbing at my eyes, and look at the neatly folded clothes at the end of the bed. I guess my sister got the bloodstains out, but I lied to her. It was the stranger’s blood and not mine. I better ask Shriver if he’s okay. I get up and pull some clothes on before grabbing my phone.

Chapter 2, paragraph 1


After James dropped his girlfriend at her place, he headed home. As he neared his road, he started decreasing his pace as if to savor every moment of passing by her house. He peered into the distance and to his surprise he saw her on her porch engrossed in her phone and by the looks of it she seemed to be reading something. Suddenly his schedule wrapped around her existence.

Prompt: Chapter 3, paragraph 6


“Very fond memories then? Your coming out phase must’ve been hard getting through with him—“

Chapter 8, paragraph 7.


By now, the two men had the attention of most of the bar, but the chatter was still present. There was gossip, opinions, and wagers floating through the air.

Chapter 4 Paragraph 5


I winced. “Don’t remind me about it. Too many injuries to focus. The arm hurts the most, that little brat.” I shook it and immediately regretted my actions.

-Beyond Beauty

Chapter 3 Paragraph 9


Ooooo I love this so much!!!

Mrs. Evans had always been Willow’s favourite guidance counsellor. When her parents had insisted she go back to school, Willow sat down with Mrs. Evans to work out her schedule. Even when she was getting ready to leave school for health reasons, Mrs. Evans was the one who helped organize her homework drop-off program, so she could continue taking her classes. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Evans, the chance of Willow graduating on time would be next-to impossible. Willow owed a lot to her.

Chapter 9, paragraph 6.


Nice bit of development and character depth.

“The Marshal says the Lord would take everything from you before giving you a place among us, and the only act we would reward is saving us from the wolves at our door. There is a Sergeant in town already who will oversee your sentence, and execution if need be. A Grand Commander, who is three days away, will judge you in the place of the Lord, and run you down with the Lord’s army if you are to fight or flee,” Janara states

Chapter 4, paragraph 4