Share a Quote/Small Excerpt From Your Book!

I realized I loved how quotes are like tiny little pitches for your story. For me, it’s the best way to pull me in (although I am not a fan of them starting off a blurb! haha) They just give me a sense of a story before diving in.

So, share quotes from yours!

LIMITATIONS: It has to be 180 words or less.

From my NaNo book No Reflections:

A chill moved through the crowd like a ghost marking its victims. “The Drevor horde has been found, but not by us. Which means they could awaken at any moment.”

Remember, 180 words or less.

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I love the simile in yours!!

From my current book, They Could Never Guess:

“Look who it is,” she says again. “The dumbfuck and the junkie kid.”
Anger flares hot inside of me and suddenly, my legs aren’t quite so cold. Keep walking, Gage. She didn’t get to you. No one can get to you.

One of my favourite insults is “dumbfuck.” I thoroughly appreciate you using it!

From Frej Rising:

“I didn’t know they let animals roam free at these gatherings,” he said and smirked at me.

“They allowed you and your manners in,” I replied coolly. I don’t even know where that response came from. I was usually not very clever. I wish someone had heard this.


What a comeback. :joy:

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Also a favorite of mine is ‘‘are you fucktarded.’’

From my book: Kiss With A Vampire

I climb up onto mom’s lap and hug her. She hugs me back, and I brush my hand over her forehead, clearing the events of the past few days from her head, and replacing them with the ones that I want her to have.

I make her remember me and Jess being home the past few days, with stomach bugs. That should do as an explanation as to why we weren’t outside. I let her fill in the missing gaps herself, and take a copy of what she remembers, to show to Jess and David, so they don’t cause any contradictions with what she has in her head.

hey! I saw the ad for that book, i put an ad on the same thing! cool! I’mma read your book

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Oh awesome! Thank you :smile:

From My Father, Hallowed Be His Name

“Are you ready?” She can hear her father opening the book, the distinct sound of pages rubbing together soothing her soul. She nods and rests her head against his leg, trying to get comfortable. “There once was a robin, her feathers as delicate and soft as a newborn’s skin. She spent her most of her days perched atop the highest branch of a birch tree, building her nest…”

Caithe loves every word.

Not sure if it makes complete sense, but here is one of my favorite’s from Legend Book IV

“You know nothing about fear.” He said.

“You’re right, but I know everything about terror.” I growled as I rose to my paws “and she’s your worst nightmare.”

From When Land Meets Sea, a novel coming in late December/early January,

The cliff was a great place to be left alone and unseen. Lavina took Maise there, away from the kingdom’s view, to practice their fighting techniques. Maise complained the whole way, pouting about ruining her dress or getting caught. Their mother had fragile nerves, she worried too much about trivial things and it took their father’s coaxing to let Lavina practice with the knights. She had seen the things that could happen to sheep, she didn’t want that for herself nor did she want that for her sister.

This one’s from Thief of Promises (book two of The Empire Thief), but honestly it’s one of my absolute favorites. Definitely going to try to keep it in revisions!

“You do not have to be ready to die. You only have to have the courage to step up to it. You have danced with death many times, dear boy, and perhaps this will be your final dance, but you must remember why you do it.” Melaney smiled. “You do not fight for yourself. You fight for those who cannot fight. You are a thief who gives of himself, instead of takes for himself.”

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From ‘Nomvula’:

“You can’t,” Nomvula said. “Or, let me say rather, you won’t.”

Jabu scoffed. "Ally with Ndlovu or marry you?”

“The latter." The Queen stood and brushes biscuit crumbs off her apron. “If you wish to see me make famine nations of the Elephant Valley and your homeland, you are welcome to join Ndlovu’s forces against my people. Test me in this.”

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From: The Omnipotent

" Digory forced himself on to her multiple times and each time he took something from her. Robbing her of all joy and love and creating a darkness that the world has never seen before.

My book Shadows Paradox Chapter 7

“Oh Adrian even if you try to free them I will always find you,” “I’m giving you both an option and I do hope you know the right choice,” The Director explained before leaving the stadium wide open.

“I can’t go back,” Eliezer said wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I can’t face him…”

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“Nah!” said the drunk man, “Dead as door-nails the lot of them. My brother killed 'em all when I backed down. Jokes on him because he’s a king now and has to, like, rule n’stuff. What a moron, amright? No goddamn regrets over here in Perge” all the men around him cheered drunkenly, again, and drank some more.

“There are all miserable,” Charlie concluded to Jordan.

Jordan shrugged, “Yeah, but at least they are miserable and drunk,” then she pushed through the crowds and right up to the large, dirty bar.

I don’t know why I like this joke so much, but it doesn’t get the love it deserves in the comments lol


The little girl that night never saw her mom again and she lived with the other children in an orphanage while hoping that one day she will be be able to see her mom and the person who saved her. Eternally Yours

From my book Frostbite:

Sigrid shrugged, a blank and indifferent expression on her face, but wariness and uncertainty dominated her narrowed eyes. “I’m very bored. Also, I took a look at that internet thing you were talking about and I just have so many questions. Like, what is a Billie Eilish and how does it work?”

From my newest novel; Life Eternal, I am aware this may come over as offensive or hurtful to anyone. I did this on purpose to make a point.

She now had to decide if she wanted to risk losing him by telling him the truth about the council. She flew kai around his neck, peppering his face with kisses.

“Take a shower will you? You smell.” Kai scrunched his nose while laughing. Daniëlle was drenched in sweat. Daniëlle rose her arm and sniffed her armpit before replying.

“That’s what Adolf said”

“Jezus christ Dan.” Kai pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked at Daniëlle with disapprovement written on his face. “Wipe that grin off your face, It’s not funny.”

“My goal is not to always be funny,” Daniëlle said laughing. “Sometimes I just wish to educate you with my crude sense of humour.”

Kai responded by muttering something incoherent which resulted in Daniëlle even laughing harder at Kai’s reaction. “You really can’t go around making jokes like that, people died.”

“Oh come on, I know people died. And I know what he did was horrible but it was a long time ago. Sometimes humour is the best way to deal with our grief.”

He picked up a piece of my hair and twisted it around his long pale finger then slowly let it fall against my face.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing?” He smiled.

I gasped and took a step back away from him. He kept smiling at me, there between his lips were two pearl white fangs that glistened in the moonlight. Those weren’t real, were they?