What represents her?


Well, things that come to mind about her is first, she has a close bond with the element of fire, she has a pendant/amulet that is red/fiery on a silver chain, she’s a Guardian, meaning she controls Light and Dark (I was trying to find wings that fade from black where they connect to the back and gradually fade to white to represent this as that is what her wings look like), he sword I know is impossible, it has a black blade with purple lightning streaks on it, her wolf is black and her eyes change colors to her emotions, she is also a vampire, engaged, (born a Shapeshifter) and is a Divine/goddess, but she doesn’t know this and won’t for a very long time


What about this?


Oooo like these!


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Here’s a couple I’ve made…


I like how there’s denim in more than 1 pic in the first one.

And I’m totally loving the second color scheme


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what’s the smoke for? And also, I used an actual quote of hers


The smoke was an interpretation of the soul you mentioned.

Also, the sentence or quote doesn’t quite make grammatical sense. Did you mean to say, “Maybe I’m just not listening closely enough…” ?


no, it goes with something that was happening in the scene it was pulled from “Maybe I’m just listening closely enough…”

Caius was using all four Elements, he said it takes practise and age and she had neither, she started using them and said that particular line


the soul looks like an orb or sphere, but it isn’t bright and light/white all the time, sometimes they are grey, or black (only when they have a lot of Darkness)


also, how is it not grammatically correct?


naw, don’t mind that. You cleared it up that it was part of a specific sentence.

Here is the line and where/why it comes in

I stood straight and opened my eyes, forcing my foresight to show me what he would do next. I stepped forward, could feel the Elements whispering to me, the water in my breath as I breathed out or the sweat on my skin. Earth in the dirt in the cracks of the floor, air in the soft, gentle breeze coming in from the cell windows and finally fire, fire from all the warmth and heat rising from every body in the room. “If you think you can summon all four Elements at the same time, you’re dreaming.” Caius said.

“Or maybe I’m just listening closely enough.” I said softly.


How’s this?


I love it, even if it doesn’t match the ones I made, it is much better than the one I had for her


Great! Glad I could help


hey! one MAJOR thing i love about aesthetics is that you create your own rules about how you make an aesthetic based on what YOU like. you can’t really anticipate whether someone will like a specific positioning of the pictures or not, so going with your own intuition and gut is very important and very helpful. i’ve thrown out aesthetics that i spent hours on getting right because in the end i just didn’t like them. so it’s totally up to you how you wanna go about making your aesthetics- just have a vision as to how you want them to look in the end. relating to you queries-
i) i’ve made aesthetics with no words at all, and i’ve made them with more than two text boxes too. it very much depends on what kind of aesthetic you’re making (like based on what character, or what size and layout you’ve chosen)
ii) i personally die for a good coloring scheme, but sometimes complete abstract coloring ends up working too! go with your gut! not every picture must be of the same color, but an overall theme does make it more appealing imo.
iii) honestly, i tend to include faceless pictures more because i love the vibe it gives the aesthetic. at the same time, i’ve had requests with specific faceclaims and then you need to put actual pictures of those people too.

when i first started out,i used to randomly type what i needed on weheartit and pinterest, (the latter has much more quality pics) and try to blend them. now i simply hook up my pinterest to what i need, even going for specific colors some times, and i’ve realised that making boards and saving pins for future use helps me a LOT later!

one last thing,just have fun making aesthetics, they turn out so much better. relax and let your creative side out. if you need any clarifications, i’m here to help :smiley:


this is an aesthetic i made for one of my favorite stories here on wattpad!