Aw, thank you. :blush:


anyone home??
share aesthetic things plssss


I would like to make a request if anyone’s interested…


well, this is not a place to make requests.
sorry, honey.
but you can go to the multimedia category and you can see threads that can deliver your request.:heart:


Ok no worries lol



Two aesthetics here. Thoughts?



These are neat!

By the way, what’s the difference between aesthetics and Moodboard. Does anyone know?


Hmm…aesthetics are pics that represent a character from their likes and dislikes to their personality or world views/philosophies. Or they might represent a character during a particular scene.

Moodboards, from my understanding, are items that represent a character or a room. For example, an interior designer might create a moodboard of a room which includes what color or type of sofa, what wallpaper they want, what other furniture they want, etc. One of a character would be anything they carry on their person from clothes to handbags to glasses to books…etc.

I think.


Ohh. Ok. Kinda makes sense… cause I opened a shop recently and I’m claiming I Do moodboards But then I saw other shops saying, “you want moodboards or aesthetics?” And I’m like- wait, there’s a difference? XD thanks for your input.


This is such a fun thread! These aesthetics are beautiful Here’s one I made for my novel Everlight.



I made this one because I was feeling very festive. Christmas just looks so pretty!