Oh, okay, I see what you mean now. The thing is, when I look at them through a file, it looks just fine, but when I post it here it looks compressed. I have no idea why.


oh, i meant, maybe try changing the photo to something a little dark purple.


No, I meant, the moodboard isn’t mine. It was made by @DeliaMaguire6


yes. that happens haha.


I totally understand why.
they’re lovely.:heart:


oh, haha. i understand now.


Ah thank you. I didn’t really know how to make them so I decided to wing it, it’s nice to know that I’m doing it correctly.


i used to design a lot of stuff, but then school stuff got in the way. so, ive like completely stopped.
also, this is a new account, so there’s actually nothing here. lol.


That’s a shame! What did you to use to design?


mostly book covers, sometimes headers too.
i tried designing threads, but it was an epic fail, lol.
that’s the only reason i know a little bit about coding. (that and grade 9 computer, lol.)
Also, in discourse, things work very differently, so I’m still learning.


Ah, I see. I’ve never made a header before, might try to someday. What did you use to design stuff? Like, Photoshop, or what…?


usually i used Pixlr.
I used photoshop mostly for fonts, though photoshop can be a great editing software too!
I was trying blending edits, but never got to see its end.:cry:


I don’t need to edit the blend since I have a Wacom tablet and Paint Tool SAI. Makes it super easy to design stuff with blur and blend.

And I’ll check out Pixlr! Thanks for the rec.


you’re welcome.:blush:
if i EVER start designing stuff again, ill check out the softwares you mentioned too.
Also, I’ve linked the pixlr website. check post #32
It works best on desktop, that’s how i feel.


Those aren’t softwares. You have to have a Wacom tablet, here’s a pic of one:


Unless you knew that, then okay. But I mostly use Canva to edit and design.


oh, well.
i feel so stupid, lol.
thanks, anyways.


Ah don’t! You’re not stupid, it’s an easy mistake to make.
Btw, I checked out Pixlr, and it’s AWESOME! Thanks again!


welcome, again.
i love it, haha.


So, what do you write?


i usually write short stories, thriller, mystery and stuff like that. i love poems writing too.
i havent posted anything yet, though.
What about you?