A lot of stuff. Why don’t you post anything? I’d love to see your writing.


I’m planning to. I’m actually writing a short story.
But, I have my SATs this Saturday, so, I’ve got my hands full right now.
After the SATs, i have a few tests in school, and after I’m done, I’ll post it.

Also, I’ll check out your stuff, haha.


No need to, but I’d really appreciate that! Why don’t you post something for me without editing, right here, right now?


okay. haha. im embarassed, lol.

Hiding in the closet was quite uncomfortable. My body barely fit. I had to crouch, and in doing so, my back was positioned quite awkwardly. This sent rippling pain waves down my spine; I had to bite my lips so I wouldn’t make a single sound. It took all my energy to stop myself from flinging out of the closet, just to be free from this uncomfortable position.

I shifted my focus from my back to any sign of movement outside. My access to vision was limited to a small crack in the closet. I didn’t see any movement, nor heard anything, which meant he hadn’t found this room yet. This eased my nerves a little bit.

But there were so many questions.

Who was he? Why was he trying to kill me? Did I lose him? Was he still searching? What would he do if he found me? How did he find out my address? How the hell did he know about the code? Was this person even a he ?

A part of a story the world will probably never see. I know it isn’t much and probably sucks, but ugh.



It doesn’t suck! It’s quite mysterious and nice. Maybe a little more description would be nice.

And yeah, I have 9 works. But quality > quantity, which is why I’ve been wanting to delete/unpublish some of the books.


Ahh, yes, the sweet fear of the mods, haha.

Yeah, I will.:blush:


Ah! Thank you so much! Again, no need to if you don’t want to.

To the mods: Please don’t witch-hunt me… :sob:




Aww… they won’t.
Maybe delete the comment??


Yeah, sounds cool.






what u up to currently??


Nothing much. Are you joining NaNoWriMo? No, I assume?


i tried to research about it, but i dont even know what that is.:joy:


Ah… well, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. Basically, the challenge is to write 50k words in a month. The two months are November and… April, I think.


ohh. bummer. November just ended, and my board exams are in May, (so, can’t write in April, ugh)


Gotta go now. Bye! :blush:


Ok. byee!!


Hi. This seems to be the place of aesthetics?

I’m trying to make my own and trying to see if there’s a pattern…
would you say that these are necessary?

  1. To have at least two boxes with words. Either one word or a quote.
  2. To make the pics have similar coloring
  3. To have faces or a part of a face or a hand or something

And any tips would be awesome. Like, how do I decide what pictures to put?