Ohhh that just looks like lots of soft masking and layer blend modes :smiley: If you learn how to mask properly and use blend modes (takes like 5 mins), you could pull that stuff off in half an hour :slight_smile:


professionals can. NOT ME, LOL.


Hahaha noo not professionals, anyone with a spare few hours and a good editing program (and source images) can do it, or at least try! :slight_smile: Obviously colouring and masking properly are a bit trickier for most people. To be honest, my workflow these days has been cut in half due to a couple of incredible purchases I made on Photoshop, colouring takes like 2 clicks, masking just takes 5 minutes. Pretty overlays even less xD
Just practice practice practice. There are great tutorials on YouTube :slight_smile: Or even just play around and learn on your own, I’ve been a cover designer for nigh on 5 years now, and most of what I learned I just picked up along the way haha (oh I do desperately feel bad for some of my first clients)


Deathless & Grishaverse :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


i think we all do.
yeah, thanks anyways.
will try that.
its real late here, so im gonna go get some sleep.
good night.:sleeping:


PhotoScape is good for text and simple editing if you download free fonts @ Dafont


Deathless? What is that?


all the aesthetics I shared are for the Grishaverse (the Grisha Trilogy and the Six of Crows Duology)


This one is Deathless :slight_smile: Screenshot_20181129-201051


Any other dead mall nuts on here? I’m really into the aesthetic of abandoned malls, department stores, and classic retail logos. Especially from the 90s, when I grew up. The nostalgia is so real. I don’t have too much of my own photos to post, but I’ll be sure to dig some good ones up.


oh, I saw it and thought of Alina :joy: is it a good book? I may have to see if I can get my hands on it


never seen any, got any examples???


It’s based in russian folklore. I’ve only read a part of it but It’s very atmospheric, retelling of Koschei The Deathless.


Photos are not my own at all. Just a spattering of examples:



The second could make good inspiration for an apocalyptic story

  1. is not necessary. In fact, I would recommend putting only one box with words.
  2. is also not necessary. If you’re trying to go for one theme it is also recommended, but some different colours also go well together.
  3. That’s not necessary, either.

You decide what pics to put by deciding what theme you’re going for. Set a theme and find pics that match it. Edit, design, and ta-dah! Your very own moodboard.


Hi thank you! :blush:


Yes, I do! :slight_smile: They always get skewed when I post them here (anyone know why that is?) but here are some examples:


Here’s my first go at making mood boards, images from Pinterest but assembled by me


those are NICEEE.

Why don’t you try re-sizing the width.
Like this:
<'img src=“image url” width=300px>
Just remove the aphostrophe (), and put in your actual url in the ‘image url’ part. The width will be changed, and your image will not look so skewed anymore.

Also, I recommend leaving at least two lines after each photo so that people don’t get confused.

Hope this helped.:blush: