Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



I know I’m super happy about it.


12,700 for ARF.

9 for Aldonia.


My fantasy novel The Legend of the Moonflower Princess has 289 reads so far.







Sorcery on Ice, 366
Sorcery Ice Slayer (sequel), 202


Dec 28th, 32,306 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


I was given an understanding on my recently closed support ticket that WP is reworking the “hot” algorithm for ranks. So it might be due to what they’re fiddling around with in the back-end.


Yeah, an ambassador said comments mean more now.


Z-nugget = 4576
4-nugget = 34
IAC-nugget = 21

I can attest that most were due to my editing.


Really? :flushed: Not sure how I feel about that. Since I see it as aiming to change reader behavior. Anyway, another talk for a different thread.


Kingdom of Ash has 7276 reads
Kingdom of Decay still has 102 but I’m hoping that will change with today’s update!


12,868 for ARF

19 for Aldonia.




12,900 for ARF.


My numbers aren’t moving. :sob:
Refusing to edit to see if the numbers organically increase. My editing might be screwing around with the algorithms I think.


Dec 29th, 32,997 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


You’re closing in on 40K :3


I don’t think viewing your chapter more than once increases the read count. I’m pretty sure that it only counts once.


Yup! Probably around the end of the second week of January, if the numbers stay steady.