Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



9.1k for Appearances can be Deceiving
598 for A Celestial Requiem


13,325 for A Rider’s Fate.

40 for Aldonia.




13,402 for A Rider’s Fate.

Got a job, so a bit unsure right now as to the update schedule for Aldonia, but it’s looking like once or twice on the weekends now.




Sorcery on Ice reached 400 reads! Yay! :smile:

Meanwhile, Sorcery Ice Slayer has 232 reads.


Welp, my prediction was correct…

Dec 31st, 34,127 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


The Gate Keeper is at 1633


Rise of a Guardian Angel is at 29,465. Its sequel is at 3,812!


Kingdom of Ash has 7457 reads
Kingdom of Decay has 123 reads
RISE has 31 reads


Thanks so much you are so sweet!!! It was a wonderful day spent with hubby!!! Out to eat and then out to play darts had a great time!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


28,456 for Kingdom Cum!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Legend of Man sitting at 79 reads. I think it is because it has a mature label on it.


13,530 for A Rider’s Fate.


Exalted is at 26 u_u


it’s a start!


The Gate Keeper is at 1637


Slow crawl at 4643. :blush:
No crawl, nothing, for everything else :pensive:


13,604 for A Rider’s Fate.

Hoping things pick up even more after it crosses that 1,000 vote mark. Now at 914!

Story got reTweeted by an Amazon bestselling writer today. Not much else other than that. But still cool.