Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



Jan 4th, 36,378 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


14,300 for A Rider’s Fate

65 for Aldonia.


ive not been around long but I have two stories Elquin that has 56 ready and Chronicles which has 23


I must’ve ticked off a WP god because I’ve no organic read increase. I can’t help feel like it’s a calm before a surprise attack. :flushed: Then again, I do have a spider for a loyal sidekick, so maybe that’s put people off. Or that it’s mature rated… Slumps so hard to predict :thinking:

4679 - Zaldizko
40 - 4th Zaldizko
51 - In Anwar’s Care


Only 121 reads on Fractured Fire, but I hope to get more!


I know! It’s scaring me :sweat_smile: I’m not that hopeful though. It won’t be too long until The Mad Queen reaches 1000!


Kingdom of Ash has 7647 reads
Kingdom of Decay still has 132 reads but it’s being updated today
RISE still has 41 reads and I’m unsure whether to update it tomorrow or not



Update 5.1.19
Brother - 10
Castle of Wings - 8


AGHH OK :sweat_smile:


Ha ALL this people with a measly few thousand reads. I SIT ON MY THRONE LOOKING DOWN AT ALL OF YOU WITH MY WHOOPING 16 reads!


14,447 for A Rider’s Fate

73 for Aldonia.


Update 5.9.19
Brother - 16
Castle of Wings - 9


14,500 for A Rider’s Fate.


yatta! :tada: almost there!




4694 - Zaldizko. (I want this one to reach 10K at the end of Feb, hopefully this year)
40 - 4th Zaldizko (in all fairness I’ve done nothing recent to this story)
51 - In Anwar’s Care (small focus on this one too, so I can live with the low reads)


The Gate Keeper is at 1648


29,262 for Kingdom Cum!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My story has 12 reads so far.