Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



15,200 for A Rider’s Fate.

Currently undergoing more intensive editing.

At least I know less than 40% of the reads are mine now XD


The Gate Keeper is at 1671 and it’s sequel is at 57


Leprechauns - 2.1k

Aqua Waters - 8.47k
Opal Waters - 419
Fisherman’s Waters - 95


4732 - Zaldizko
42 - 4th Zaldizko
52 - In Anwar’s Care


Jan 8th, 38,870 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


Kingdom of Ash has 7728 reads
Kingdom of Decay has 146 reads
RISE has 56 reads


The Mad Queen is on 872
Waterfalls is on 7370


4734 - Zaldizko. It also slipped backwards in ranks, like I was taking a tumble down a fast up-moving escalator. :pensive:
42 - 4th Zaldizko.
52 - In Anwar’s Care.


Conquest currently stand at 168 reads
though it doesn’t sounds much, it’s still more then anything else i’ve ever published ^^"


It can only increase from here, even if a bit at a time. :grin:


Of course!
I have learnt in my long journeys that writing for reads and comments is toxic to your future as a writer, so now I write for myself, and if anyone want to share their opinions on my work, they are more then welcome :slight_smile:


Yep.The story is more fun to write and comes out better that way.


But then again, having followers to your story does encourage you to write more, so you do need to find the balance between writing for yourself and for your readers


That’s the beauty of Wattpad and sites like it. You can really hone in on your niche and connect with writers and readers alike whilst still writing the story. It’s an awesome place. Even if the numbers are one or two, you will find readers here. I’d say at any given time. That’s why this thread is critical for us, so we can track our view progress and see something of a trend.


Like 23 smh lol


Plus we can meet awesome new friends :slight_smile:


15,370 for A Rider’s Fate.


Same with ARF. It was 43rd and despite receiving over 100 comments and over 50 votes in a few days, it completely vanished from the Fantasy category rank. :thinking:


3277 :tada:


Brother - 24
Castle of Wings - 20