Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



Checked - nope still the same. I think my stats has flatlined :flushed:


Since writing that post, Legacy vol 1 457 reads instantly. That’s 15 new reads! O_O




Well, with updates come comments


I have 30 reads! uwu
I just made an account here, it’s only been out for a week




48 reads!!!


Jan 26th, 49,567 reads for A Prince’s Errand.


51 rn


Did you reply to the wrong person? (Kind of confused by the reply xD)


Descent of Darkness is at 12,910 :blush: :sunny:



I wasn’t surprised by DoD’s jump. :rofl:


Sou ka? I’m unused to seeing the sequels (well mine at least xD) go up that much in so little time. DoD has gone up nearly 100 in 20 hours…


like I’ve said, comments are powerful.


So that’s what you meant by that xD


my numbers jump when I get BC feedback and I have fewer regulars so… :rofl:


Oh right, RoaGA did have a boost during Torkuda’s reading during the last two assignments xD


as has MtK. can’t say I motice as much as you though :rofl:


It’s now on 1038