Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



The Sun’s Tears has a proud 366 reads.


The Mad Queen is now on 1062 since this morning! A couple may be me as I’ve been doing some editing, but not all of them!


18,403 and closing in 1,300 votes for ARF.

118 reads for The White Rider rewrite. So far, no ranking, which is weird considering the story activity. 118 reads the first week :slight_smile:


Sorcery Ice Slayer and Legacy vol 1 have both 470 reads!




My book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess has 1,558 reads so far.


I’m at more than I ever thought I’d have, and that’s all that matters to me <3


I have a good number right now: 444

I mean, it’d been a better post if I had 666, but you’ll have to make do with 444. In China, 4 is homophonous with death.

Edit: even better, it’s the same in Japan, even though the spoken word in either language is different.






It went up! I swear they weren’t from me :grin:
4779 - Zaldizko




Claps :clap::clap:


Jan 27th, 50,145 reads for A Prince’s Errand. Looks like I was wrong, I did hit 50k on the weekend.


The Gate Keeper is at 1734
The Other Side of the Mirror is at 188


18,500 for A Rider’s Fate.

133 for The White Rider.


Alley Cat, 289. SOOOOO close to 300 but soooooooo far.


144 for The White Rider :slight_smile:


TMQ is now on 1097


18,600 for A Rider’s Fate.