Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



Huge >.>
Mine’s just 449 for BlueV~


5 days later

Leprechauns - 2117

Aqua Waters - 8903
Opal Waters - 473
Fisherman’s Waters - 134

Aqua Waters is getting close to 10k and it will be my first novel to break that read count. I’m so excited.






41 uwu


Jan 28th, 50,733 reads for A Prince’s Errand.

19 reads for A Thief’s Way, a companion short-story for A Prince’s Errand.




Mine, The Autumn Tree, has about 55 I think.


Woot Woot!


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I view my stories more than strangers…and then I see the numbers go up and I’m like “haha…not really.”


My story “Mike’s Neighbors” currently has 79 entire views!! WOW! I know right, Stephan King look out…because…you might not notice me when you walk by.
haha! that is so stupid, I just made myself laugh.


I have wondered if that’s the case, but I’ve viewed some chapters that only report one view, and they stay at one view. I think the algorithm tracks IP addresses for reads, if it had to guess. However, considering that I’m relatively new to the site, I’m happy with that number for the small amount of time my book has been posted.

I think it will rise because I found a fatal flaw in my formatting of the story and had to make a quick game changer to rectify it. It should read a lot easier on mobile platforms now haha! Sorry to anyone who had to deal with the pages and pages of a never ending paragraph.


I’m super new as well! how new are you?


I joined maybe two weeks ago, and started posting just a bit after that I think? It’s hard to say, My wife just gave birth, so it’s been a blur lately lol.


Congratulations!! I hope you can get more reads and hopefully gain a following. Do you post consistently?


Closing number for the day.
Numbers moved! They are alive! I think the invisibility spell wore off.:grin:

4781 - Zaldizko


Sporadically, but often. I’ve gotten six of fifteen chapters proofed and posted so far over the past week and a half, so all four of my followers know when I update!


Who proof reads for you?


Me, myself, and I lol. I haven’t asked anyone for a second look yet, once I comb through and catch as many mistakes as I can find, I’ll probably put out a couple threads for beta readers and proof readers to get some feedback.

Of course, I’d value any feedback in the meantime from those who do end up reading it!


haha! NICE! I’ll add your book to my reading list and make some comments. What kind of feedback are you looking for? Because if I see something then I’ll just pull my opinion right out there and tear it apart…of course I am fairly gracious. To be honest, if I don’t like the story I don’t even bother and I move on. I don’t see any point in giving suggestions without a sense of wanting to invest in what I’m reading.