Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



I haven’t done this in ages :exploding_head:

Kingdom of Ash has 8219 reads


I would read anything with a name that badass.


Thanks :purple_heart::sweat_smile:


Your stuff is on my reading list now. Thanks for sharing it on here! Also, the covers are amazing!!


Thanks for adding them! :slightly_smiling_face:


okay…“There’s blood on the crown. Why not splash a little on the walls too?”…genius
I just decided to read the book description and now I’m super excited. this is a ridiculously good line. Can’t wait to read more.


I’m taking that’s book down for a while to do some work on it :sweat_smile: Sorry


don’t you dare…but yes, I understand, good luck.


No qualms there. I wouldn’t want feedback from someone who isn’t interested in it since it would likely bleed into their critiques. Whatever you notice would be helpful; especially, blatant grammatical errors and tangles. However, if you do find yourself interested in it, I would like to know what’s working and what’s not working in the story mechanics.

I.e. am I giving life to my characters, or are they too rigid; are you able to clearly see the visuals I’m describing, or are there any plot holes/details that break the story?


I feel the same.
Okay, I see what you’re hoping for, that makes it easier for me when I comment. I promise I will do my best to treat it with respect.

talk soon!



The Mad Queen is on 1149


Typo on my my last post.

18,770 for A Rider’s Fate.

154 for The White Rider.




18,800 for A Rider’s Fate.


16 taken


Sorcery on Ice 677
Sorcery Ice Slayer 489
Legacy vol 1 481
Legacy vol 2 (sample) 63

Gotta promote the sample more.




4784 - Zaldizko :grin:


Jan 29th, 51,434 reads for A Prince’s Errand.

26 reads for A Thief’s Way.


Kingdom of Ash has 8233 reads