Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



Kingdom of Ash has 8434 reads


Oooooooh, yeah!!


The Sun’s Tears has 531 yay :tada::tada:


19,305 for A Rider’s Fate.

282 for The White Rider.


Zaldizko - 4842


You’re so close to 20K :smiley:


My book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess has 2,005 views so far


The Gate Keeper is at 1794. That’s a 40 read jump from yesterday!


Thanks. It’s slowed down a bit, so I guess people are getting swamped with homework. I’m more than halfway through writing chapter 2 of book 2 so far.


the numbers the book has itself is impressive!


I’m almost halfway through heavy edits for ARF at least, but still working on the transitions.

I’m hoping to hit 300 reads for TWR this weekend once updates resume on Friday.


the edits will help the numbers immensely. my edits have done so for mine.



The transition scenes for ARF and pacing were difficult for me, but I feel like TWR and ARD are and will be much improved over ARF.


Speaking of slow downs and upticks, RoaGA seems to have been boosted by the update to its sequel. It’s now at 30,745 after having hovered around 30.5K for days.


tis not surprising. :rofl:


Meanwhile, Novus Magus is at 139,182. Its sequel is at 13,399 :slight_smile:


Sorcery on Ice 792 reads
Sorcery Ice Slayer 555 reads
Legacy vol 1 562 reads
Legacy vol 2 (sample) 90 reads


Feb 4th, 55,082 reads for A Prince’s Errand.

39 reads for A Thief’s Way.


19,400 for A Rider’s Fate.

288 for The White Rider.


139 for “3 Wished and 17 Days” xD I’m tryna get more reads aha