Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



6781 for Burning Gods And Wicked Angels


21,119 for A Rider’s Fate.

567 for The White Rider.



The Mad Queen is now on 1654


21,207 for A Rider’s Fate.

575 for The White Rider.


37,539 for Kingdom Cum!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Kingdom of Ash has 8910 reads


Zaldizko - 4916


The Mad Queen is now on 1677




21,277 for A Rider’s Fate.

584 for The White Rider. Still lacking overall new reader activity unfortunately. Sigh… just trying to keep telling myself this story is for me and the one I want to eventually publish some day, but it’s just discouraging.




6944 for Burning Gods And Wicked Angels


The Legend of the Moonflower Princess has 2,835 reads so far (only 165 reads left until 3k!)


I’m new here so my fantasy story Canticle only has 16 :sweat_smile:


Welcome. It’s a start that can only increase in number. :grin:


The Honey-Colored Magic of Broken things has been stuck at 110 for a couple days and then now it’s suddenly at 134! :joy:


21,309 for A Rider’s Fate.

595 for The White Rider.


The Gate Keeper is at 1826. It’s been pretty slow lately, but I’m hoping to get to 2k soon


921 :o


Kingdom of Ash has 8935 reads… approaching 9k :open_mouth: