Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



The Mad Queen is now on 2037 reads


The Girl That Fell From The Sky is currently at 2673 with 449 votes- so I’m supper stoked :smiley:


Lady of the Ravendale got 4,38k read :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:



lol I just joined tho. Not really upset about it, these things take time.


I’ve read your story that has 9 views and I loved it.


You need a nice cover (cover attracts readers), You can on wattpad you can find graphic designer that will do a good cover for permanent follow and credit on description.

My second advice is try to update like one a week ( it’s boosts your story ranking algorithm)

Third the more chapters you have the more readers will want to read your book, readers afraid of reading stories that has 1 chapter, because they think author won’t finish the story.

Most readers and followers you gain after completing the story.

For example finished my second story with 40k. Now it’s has 190k.


Thanks for the tips!

Cover: yes, I intend to redo the cover sometime soon. I actually did get that one from someone on wattpad, and I really do like it, but it’s not the most interesting or unusual cover and I get it.
I’m going to spend awhile making a new one soon, but for now, any cover’s better than none lol.

I do plan on updating consistently as soon as I write myself a head start.

<3 Thanks for reading my book! it really means a lot.


The Gate Keeper - 1902
The Other Side of the Mirror - 263


Oopsie…Nevermind… wrong thread :grin:




The Legend of the Moonflower Princess has 3,560 reads so far.




23,272 for A Rider’s Fate.

1,147 for The White Rider.


Wow! Is being in the thousands normal?
Great job guys! :smiley:

I’ve got 464 :slight_smile:



Those are some pretty interesting numbers! And seeing that makes me even more appreciative that more than 1 or 2 people like my story. Maybe one day, I can write something that can make it up there in reads haha

Awesome job to everyone already up there! :smiley:


9 days later…again

Leprechauns - 2,275

Aqua Waters - 10,901
Opal Waters - 586
Fisherman waters - 161


It’s taken me six months for A Rider’s Fate to reach where I am now for it and about three for The White Rider to reach 1,100.


So be patient. :slight_smile:


The Mad Queen is now on 2114 reads


Awesome! It looks like your books are doing really well. Congrats and great work :smiley: