Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



Thank you sweety very much!!! Congrats to you on reaching 6K very proud of you as well!!! :tada::tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


WTG!!! 3K is awesome!!! :tada::tada::tada:


20,500 for Kingdom Cum!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! :tada::purple_heart:


6568 for ARF

37 reads for TWR. No point in updating it right now with notification system being down.


Mirror Me is now at 713 reads! Almost but not there yet to a 1000. Thank you everyone!


449 for Dirty Magic! I’m really happy with how it’s been picking up lately. I used to be able to go days without seeing a new read, but now it feels like I get several new ones everyday.


Congrats! My only and best advice is to post consistently and your reads and readers will blossom.


Congrats! Keep writing! Glad you are here!




Kingdom of Ash has 6186 reads


Well, I should have waited a week, but here it is, 4300 reads. Only seven months to a year to go to 5K, heh.


82 !!




My new story (Mosaik) online since yesterday has 10 reads so far.

But it is German and a Fantasy Thriller, so maybe not that surprising. :sweat_smile:


I know a German wattpadder who likes fantasy! They’re super nice and comment a lot on their favorite bits. Maybe reach out to them?


Legend Book 1 has 838 I believe







All my stories on my profile went up by a few reads yesterday, which was awesome