Share How Many Reads Your Fantasy Has New Threads Edition 1



“Can I hear 8450!?! Anyone for 8450? You, the lady at the back… sold - for 8450!”:grin:




Mirror Me now has 919 reads! Woot woot!
And book 2 is starting to get some reads. Now up to 24 reads




Kingdom of Ash has 6471 reads
Kingdom of Decay has 54


I can honestly say my story’s read dial is stuck at 4K and not budging. :sob:
:pensive: Oh well, the run was good while it lasted. I did hit some milestones. :+1:

If only I could reach that Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic number… :thinking: It’s a nice dream.






23,161 for Kingdom Cum!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Kingdom of Ash has 6513 reads


Yay! My story nugget jumped up to 4.1K!

:grin: :partying_face::balloon::winterstars::star2:

It’s gone from chicken :chicken:nugget to golden :star: nugget.

:winterstars:Thank you wonderful people.:winterstars:


8,600 reads for A Rider’s Fate and 650 votes!

The White Rider now has 175 reads and 46 votes in its first two weeks.


The Gate Keeper is at 1547
The Other Side of the Mirror is at 119


4107 reads. Gained a solid reader who is priceless to me.




Dec 8th update, A Princes’ Errand is at 21,541 reads.


Aah, you’re so close to my dream number of 24K. Awesome. :smile:


Ooh, my numbers gone up to a cool number. Reads now at 4111.


Kingdom of Ash has 6565 reads
Kingdom of Decay has 56


Legend of Man has 76 reads