Share how many reads your Historical Fiction has!


I’ve seen this floating around other genres in the past and thought we could do with one over here! Of course, Historical Fiction is a small genre so it would be nice to motivate one another by posting our read counts!

Standard club rules apply. No advertising your work.

I’ll start:

The Factory Girl - 539 reads

Fellow Undiscovered Writers 9 (now open!)
How long should it take for a story to become 'discoverable'?

The Book of Asterope - 440 reads.


The Two Foxes: 2.8K reads

A Patriot’s Tale: 46.8K reads


Up to 598 now! My goal is to get 1K by the end of the year :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Daughter of Ice and Bone is up to 583 reads


After 21 days, The Factory Girl is up to 740!


Wickedly Yours - 33k reads


The Journey - 605 reads


The Factory Girl - 995 (So close to 1K!!!)


Wow, no updates for HF reads :flushed:
Anyway. Just started getting serious with my HF story.

To My Sunflower kicks off with… 18 reads :partying_face:


Added Zaldizko to Historical Fiction main category as I’ve felt for a long time it’s suited to this genre. It’s still classified as Fantasy/YA Fantasy too for the record.

Zaldizko = 4757


Zaldizko = 4761
To My Sunflower = 25


Zaldizko = 4761
To My Sunflower = 29


Sort of neglected this thread xD Since October of last year The Factory Girl has hit 2,271 reads!

With only 18 (nineteenth going up tonight) chapters, this is a huge milestone for me :smiley: I just hope the momentum stays the same…


Welcome back! Yeah, the fantasy read share post one get’s all the action XD


Zaldizko = 4781 Very slow mover this one since completed.
To My Sunflower = 147 I received some wonderful feedback as well.


My story has also been moving slower since being completed :neutral_face:

The Journey: 1629 reads


Zaldiko - 4784
To My Sunflower - 147

Slow moving, but at least it’s moving.


We’re up to 2,360! My book hit the featured list today so that helped xD


That’s awesome! Congrats! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: