Share how many reads your Historical Fiction has!


Thank you :smiley: Wasn’t expecting it to be honest :joy:


Yes, congrats!


Thank you :slight_smile:


To the stats!:dash:

To My Sunflower - 147 reads. It ranked #23 Wii tag today. :partying_face:
Zaldizko - 4800 reads. It finally moved out the 4.7K zone :joy: Go Jazzage!


Took a squizz. It looks good up there.


Thanks :slight_smile: Here’s hoping it gains some more traction now it’s visible xD


Your chances for more reads are extremely high. So I think it will. :grin:


We shall see xD Even with the Featured list, Hist Fic is never popular :joy:


Hopefully Wattpad will finally be able to break the pattern on this cycle. Hopefully.

Either way. I’m happy your story is given the chance to shine. :grin:


I’m optimistic, they said they want to include Hist Fic in Next so they seem to be pushing towards it a little more.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


The numbers are now up to 2,632! I set a rather unrealistic goal of 3K by Thursday (My birthday) seems unlikely xD


Zero at the moment :smiley:


Up to 2,752 :smiley: So close to getting the 3K goal by Thursday!!


264 reads in two weeks. Not sure whether that’s good going or bad going.


That means it can only go up from here :grin:




It’s good.


To My Sunflower - 174
Zaldizko - 4842


Hopefully it won’t go into the minus numbers :open_mouth:


Nope. Only goes up at this place or stays put for a while then up again. :grin: