Share how many reads your Horror story (stories) have


Feel free to tell how many reads your story has here. Be sure not to advertise your books in this thread. Have fun talking with fellow Horror Writers. Keep on writing buds!


It’s nice to see you here :wink:

My horror has 2352 reads.

How many does yours have?


My Campfire Volumes have 133 reads & 36 reads respectively. The climb to glory is real.


Good things take time my friend. I’ll have to check out your works at some point too. I’ always on the lookout for horror :slight_smile:


Thanks. In one of my stories I used your name lol Had trouble thinking of a last name for a famous explorer :man_astronaut::palm_tree: and just thought: “Jacob Mills is a good name.” :japanese_goblin: haha.

I have checked out some of your work before. I liked some of it. I don’t remember if I finished reading any, but I think I did.


Nice. That’s not the first time, which reminds me… I wonder of that user made the book. It was gonna be a mystery series based on users in a particular thread it was a really neat idea. Murder mystery :wink:

If so, kewl :slight_smile:


One issue I have with this question (though the issue isn’t with the question itself). All my stories until recently were intended as a kind of horror.

I only slammed them under scifi, because some guy at Quantum Muse thought horror couldn’t have Surrealism or Magical Realism. And giant ass Space Elevators.

But 592.

Anime joke: It has Moe decapitation potential than anything ele.


Lori’s Diary 443
Curse of the Medium 129 (I don’t know why it’s so low though, it’s one of my favorites)
A Home For Monsters 230


Lori’s Diary was absolutely amazing. I hope you can get some more eyeballs on that. Definitely deserves the reads.


My horror novel in progress is sitting at 1,421 reads, while my finished novelette is at 1,235 reads.

My horror shorts range from 68 on the low end to 747 on the high end.


Sci-Fi and horror is a perfect mix. Alien, Event Horizon, Sunshine, and Europa Report all fit well into this category. As a writer of both horror and sci-fi (though oddly not usually their intersection) I’ll happily take a look.


Or my personal favorite, scifi and gothic horror.:smiley:


Haven’t explored that one as much, but I’d be happy for recommendations.


I’ll consider giving some after some edits.^ ^




After the Bees has 2465.

The Girl The Wolves Took has 434.

I’m currently editing ATB to be a bit more graphic. So far it’s doing a fine job of making people uncomfortable, creeped out, or any other negative feeling haha

The Girl is all graphic violence, but I haven’t been promoting it much so I’m excited about the views nonetheless.


Psychosis is 3 reads away from 2500. Sweet :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’m slowly working on a new psychological horror/paranormal/romance/dark fantasy kind of thing… it’s been really fun to write


So close to 2500. It’ll be awesome if you get there soon :slight_smile:


I would love that. I’m still surprised it has gotten as far as it has, thankful but surprised haha

That’s great about yours as well!!


Thanks. Yeah, it’s been slowly climbing :wink: With it slowly advancing, it made me want to write in that style again :slight_smile: