Share how many reads your Horror story (stories) have


Mine isn’t a story, but a RP (though I rather write as if it was a story). A solo rp, although people can participate if they want to. And the 113 reads are practically only mine X’D


Rise has 191. Rise 2 has 77. Endeavor Project 1 has 91. Endeavor Project 2 has 77. And Swampy Nightmare has 129.


D’aaaaw! Thanks, man.


That’s awesome you def should! I just started in the second draft of ATB and already it’s inproved. I’m considering writing a second.


Kewl. I might have to check it out when you’ve finished the second draft :wink:


Haha well then you’ll have to buy it or rent it from the library :wink:

I’ve added several more chapters and cleaned up a few others.


Nice :slight_smile:


Horror writers, awake!
We seriously need to revive our horror threads.

Now, about them reads. Almost all my stories are horror, except for one:

  1. My first story that I started in January (still ongoing with 35 chapters so far) has 76K reads. It’s a psychological horror/thriller.

  2. Another one, which is only a chapter long, has 236 reads. It’s a monster horror based on a dream I had back in 2013.

  3. Another one I wrote for @fright 's Summer Screan Screams contest that won first place has 875 reads. It’s exactly 3K words long.

So, yeah :slight_smile:


bbbbrrraaiiiinnnnssss oh, I mean good morning :wink:

I’ve been super busy hence why I haven’t threaded much. Writing up a new horror too, so those reads might happen with that.

My short story Fae is at 86 reads, so that’s randomly kewl.

Psychosis is getting closer to 3k, but it chugs along.

Anyone thinking of doing something through October for writing? I know of one user who wants to have a small comp and it looks like fun, aye @MisterTent :wink:


Lol xD

Wow. Psychosis gained almost 500 reads since you last posted here. Cool =D

I have heard of @MisterTent 's contest. I can’t wait ^o^



It’ll be interesting to see who else may enter that fun comp :slight_smile:


Okay, so earlier I said that Lori’s Diary was at 443, and PLZ_KILL URSELF was at 112.
But, now…

Lori’s Diary is at 484
And PLZ_KILL is at 480.
Shortly, this will be my most read book.


Nice. Congrats, that’s awesome :slight_smile:


That second book sure is getting a lot of attention very fast.


Lol Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. PLZ_KILL is kinda like a collage though. Many weird stories painting one big uncomfortable one. So there are more chapters. More chapters = More reads. Lori’s Diary was finished in four long chapters.


My book Breaking Eden is part horror and part mystery/thriller and it’s SOOOOOO close to 45K reads. I’ve also gotten a lot of good feedback on it so far too. :slight_smile:


I only have a short right now but it does have 41 reads at least. :rofl: I’m getting there.


Nice. I’m close to 3k, so that’s exciting.

Once you pass the 1k mark, I’m sure the reads will start coming in for you slowly :wink:


Aw, thank you friend. I’ll have to learn how to advertise, too.


That takes a little bit of time, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it :wink: