Share how many reads your Horror story (stories) have


Ava’s Kiss: 11
October Writing Challenge: 13


I’ve really increased, up to at least 150 now. :grinning:


Nice. That’s awesome :slight_smile:


Definitely exciting.


Halloween is almost upon us! May everyone get 100’s of more reads until then!


My most popular, Swallow, has somewhere around 700k reads, and gains daily (so unbelievably thankful for that). My least popular one page short stories may have less than 1k, except for the one titled Orson, which has about 6k. It takes a while to get up there, but the more active you are on Wattpad, the more visible you are to others.


Swallow sure is an interesting title for a book. I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before on the popular lists.


Thanks! It has been featured a few times.


Only 2.5K reads left to reach that milestone.
I started this story on January 17 this year. I can’t believe how time passed this fast.

Do you have any good ideas about how to announce it to my readers or how to celebrate it?


Mine has 24 reads :sweat_smile: :joy:


My story has 499 reads. It’s been a year since I’ve published yet, but it’s slowly growing haha.


I just joined Wattpad as a reader a month ago and just posted my first horror story…so not many yet. However it’s made me also branch to check out different horror stories here as well as grab some ideas too :smiley:


Im new here and new to writing, only published my first two chapters, and with an enormous 14 reads but really happy that someone has read it. The planes to keep going and publish two chapters a week, love the fact I can work on it on my laptop, iPad and phone… modern technology eh! Seeing some authors on here having over 100k its amazing, surely some publishers are out there keeping eyes on places like these for the next James Herbert.



I have 1.2k on one, and 344 on the other, and I shall never be satisfied with either number.


My horror book has 2.7k reads.


I don’t know, I deleted most of my books on wattpad… enough to make 4,000 fans… :slight_smile:



Lori’s Diary 639 reads, 68 votes
PLZ_KILL 719 reads, 66 votes
Curse of the Medium 169 reads, 31 votes (lol next to no one is interested in this one)
A Home for Monsters 273 reads, 43 votes

The day one of these gets to 1K, I’ll throw myself a sad, celebratory party. Think of me splayed out in a greasy bathrobe on my living room rug, drinking champagne straight from the bottle :wink:


Find Me is at 72–I can’t wait for it to hit 100 soon! I’m pretty new to Wattpad, so this is a big goal for me :smiley:


My horror book, Behind the Mirror, has 2.7k reads. Kind of surprising, since I haven’t updated it in God knows how long.


Presently, I have written 5 horror stories (mix of supernatural, paranormal and ritual). The latest one is titled “Adrian Lim - The Killer Healer”. It is based on a true story about a confident trickster called Adrian Lim convinced numerous women that he possessed supernatural powers. His victims paid him with money, valuables and sex. He was a monster who beat, slapped and kicked his women. They fear and obey him as he acted out his every lustful perversion.

Excerpts from the novella: “She fell to her knees and looked up at him expectantly, her eyes half-shut and vacant. Her mouth fell open lazily. Adrian inspected her body like she was being auctioned. His hands ran through her dry, scentless hair down her shoulders and hips. He kissed her chest. Her skin was coarse. The blade of a knife kissed the skin beneath her nipples. Adrian dabbed his fingers against the wound and tasted her blood. It was heavy and bitter. He pulled her soft, pink tongue from her mouth with delicate precision.”

Anyway, I am hoping that my writing skills get better. Looking forward to learn from many of you here. Thanks