Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


Hi guys, you know the drill on these topics. Let motivate each other by sharing how many reads our Teen Fiction story has. I don’t really have any story that is lumped in this category but I’ll start with my closest ones which are humor and that is,

Cake Toppers - 6,139 reads
Erin’s Mistakes - 184

So share yours below. <3


I have three stories that have teen fiction as at least somewhat of a genre

My Neighbor’s World at 7,840 reads
Strength and Scars at 931 reads
Cupid’s Restaurant (new!) at 20 reads :joy: It’ll catch up to its older sisters someday

Interesting title, wonder what that’s about


Erin, you dun messed up


Erin’s Mistakes is the second book to Cake toppers. Cake toppers is pretty much about a girl named Erin Rose who owns a bridal shop. It’s one of the worlds biggest bridal shops so she doesn’t really get away from it much. Her mother and best friend have seen that she hasn’t tried dating or been on a date in over three years so they make a bet that she can’t find a decent boyfriend in three months. This ends up with here having a tinder account and going on some wacky dates.


She did, like a big dummy! haha. It’s a three book series and I’m so excited to write the next one


Sounds interesting, tinder *shivers* I’ll add it to my reading list XD

oof, that’s always exciting


It’s currently unedited. So please be warned XD haha but the first few chapters have been gone through a couple of times.


I totally understand that, lol, writing styles change so much through out a book


Exactly and that book took me 3ish years to write I think.


Oh, wow! That’s a long time, good luck on the rest of the series!


Mine is at 2.8k and I’m really happy with that. My first book on this site took a year and a half to get to get to where this is at only a few months.

I know a lot of the reads come from me replying to comments or editing mistakes that have been pointed out, but I’m really pleased with the amount of enthusiasm I’ve been getting from readers.


That is so awesome! youre doing great. Most books dont even pass 100.


I really put in my dues throughout the last couple of years, which helped me build an audience for this one a little more easily. And I’m very lucky to have people who enjoy the book enough to recommend it.

I have the worlds greatest readers.


All my books are either Teen Fiction or YA. It’s what I feel most comfortable with.

The stories I currently have available on Wattpad are:

His Last Hope - 3.6 million reads
Cracked Canvas - 42.9k reads
Eleutheromaniac - 11.3k reads


Congrats on so many reads. Please do share your secrets to fame XD


Cake Toppers - 6198
Erin’s Mistakes - 210


Honestly, I wish I had secrets to share. I have a list of things I find have helped me, but nothing’s guaranteed. I think I just got really lucky.


I have 5 cough
Haven’t been here long, and only published 3 chapters so far. So, it’s understandable.
Anyways. Wow, to practically all of you


Hey youve already got more reads than 48% of wattpad stories :slight_smile:


Ohhh share share share, I understand the luck aspect. I’m not very lucky