Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


@StylesxWriter @TheHermit_Crab Thank you so much!


You don’t suck, and 900 reads is really good for writing your first book.


@justanyonee That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! :smile:


Thank you very much :heart_eyes::blush:


No problem! I wish you all the best in the future! The thing that I love about the Wattpad community is that, generally, we’re all so supportive of each other and I think that’s beautiful and needed when you’re doing something as vulnerable as publishing your writing for others to see :blush:


You’re right! I really love this community for how supportive people are with one another.
I hope you work goes well too if you have something published and thank you very much for the nice words :blush:


Thank you! Yes, I have something published and I’m focusing on keeping my schedule for the sequel though I actually have a few chapters pre-written - which is unusual for me, the pantsing QUEEN. Wish me luck with not disappointing my readers since school is already kicking my ass again! :joy:


Good luck with it! I’m sure it will be fun, I’m starting university so I will get busy too, I get you!
If you already have written chapters, I’m sure you will do good :blush:


Thanks for the vote of confidence! That makes one of us, haha!


Up to 3,976!

The reads are climbing so slowly now I have a goal in mind xD


You’ll reach your goal, I’m sure of it (:


Seems like it’s going to take forever xD At least it’s giving me a head start on the announcement I’ll be making when it reaches the goal


Finding Franco Chavez: 202 reads! It could use some reads :zap:


Baby Billionaire (Romcom Teen Fic)=222

Mistress Honeycomb (Teen Fiction)=853

Girl Guy Theory (Short Story teen fic)=503

Rich Dogs And Poor Cats=172

It’s crazy how much “Mistress Honeycomb” has grown, from 793 to 853 is insane!

Also, my “Graphics” book is getting close to 2K! :smiley:


“Spandex Is Mandatory” has reached 368K reads! WOOT! WOOT!

Congratulations to everyone else for their achievements as well! I saw quite a few people have goals they’re reaching for and I think that’s AWESOME! I’m never confident enough in myself to set goals :joy: Anyways! I know everyone will reach their goals! I BELIEVE IN YOU!


I have one story on here.

Cross Country (teen fiction romance) - 32 reads.

And all 32 of 'em are from me :woman_shrugging:

Been trying to be interactive with the writing community but when you’re drowning under college work it gets a bit hard.


My teen fiction contemporary thriller Lie To Me has 137 reads.


Eleutheromaniac is inching towards 12k despite me not uploading in over a year. I guess I can’t ask for more than that haha


Thanks :grin:


We did it!! Last Christmas is up to 4K! Now, to finish the first chapter of the sequel xD