Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...




Thanks :grin:


2 reads ;-;

However, they are both mine as I did only just upload it hahahahah


ahh my completed story Four of Clubs is at 6.3k right now, out of my long term goal of 10k ahahaha :sweat_smile:

my other three teenfic stories are all sitting at somewhere around 150! Which I can’t complain about since I’ve been focusing more on writing and less on promoting for now :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations to everyone on their accomplishments! :smile:

“Spandex Is Mandatory” has reached around 373K reads! My goal is to reach 400K by the New Year! :blush:


Heartless: 36 reads



I like the little semi-collin (spelling?) in the place of the I! What’s that about?


A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. Which makes you kind of like a Warrior. My book focuses on depression if you were wondering @TheHermit_Crab


I love that, it’s so poetic :heart_eyes:

(And thanks for the semicolon spelling help :joy:)


Haha, I know I’m so inlove with the meaning of a semicolon. Though, it isn’t my idea, I found it out by watching 13 Reasons Why - it’s a Netflix series.


Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Kinda wanna read the book, but my mom doesn’t allow me cause the school sent out an email last year saying that the show was ‘encouraging suicide’


The same thing happened at my class, but I could never get a hold of the 13RW book so I’ve just been stuck with the series.


I was gonna borrow it from a friend who seems to own every book in existence :joy: I own like 3. But that’s cause I only read a book once so there’s no point in me buying it, plus, I move a lot so that heaviness does not work


I’m a person who’s very passionate about simplicity, and as much as I love books, there’s no point in keeping every single book I read. Too much clutter is not my thing. I mean that’s what Libraries are for, right haha


Yes! Libraries can spend the money, work through the organization, and yell at people for writing in their books and we’ll just sit here and read!


Haha yes!


The semicolon is a beautiful touch. Even if people don’t understand its meaning before reading the story they’ll understand its meaning afterwards.


Thank you, and yes thats true!


So I just saw this thread again and decided to update XD On the 26th August I had 179 reads after a month published… Now about 1.5 months later I have 549! My first time reaching 500 reads on a story and I’m happy with the speed at which it’s going! I’m actually happy I came back so I could see that haha :’) This thread is great for motivation.


Merry go round (on going): 200 reads