Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


After only 4 days, Last Christmas is now up to 4,108! This is the highest climb I’ve ever had in such a short space of time!


Seventeen currently has 543 yay :heart:


Heartless currently has 128!


That’s amazing, congratulations!:blush:


Thank you!


“Spandex Is Mandatory” is at 378K reads! :smile:




WOW! Nice.


I have currently 1.47k on Becoming Bad :heart_eyes: and on Midnight I have 10.9k!! So excited to see my book grow every now and then :bowing_woman:


Oi gente boa sou novo por aqui, publiquei uma história recentemente " A Princesa de Sonata" e ainda ninguém leu; Só gostaria saber de vocês se esta história se encaixa na categoria de ficção adolescente ou foi um equivoco meu…


only 17 reads for my Teen fantasy story Mythical…honestly, i’m not even sure how people get reads on here…how does the “reads” work, is it when someone just clicks on the story you post? how does the site know someone is reading your story?


My story, Teen For Hire has 447 reads. I’m grateful for it but of course, I’m determined for more lmao.


Mine, Camouflaged, has 45 reads so far


Trial 017 - 1,288 reads

I hit the 1k mark after 11 days and then plateaued, but I’m happy with it.


It doesn’t. Though people who vote on your story know that they’ve read it


(Can’t Remember where my last reply was so I’m starting it over…)

Baby Billionaire (Romcom Teen Fic)=264

Mistress Honeycomb (Teen Fiction)=906

Girl Guy Theory (Short Story teen fic)=516

Rich Dogs And Poor Cats=190

My Graphics book has now reached 2K reads! But I’m glad that Mistress Honeycomb is far from 1K, Rich Dogs is close to 200, Baby Billionaire’s going to read 300 soon.

They’ve gone up so much since then :heart_eyes:


How to Breathe: 550, hallway to 1k! If I ever make it, lol!


okay, thank you, but then i guess that goes back to my question on “how does the “reads” work?” If it doesn’t know people are reading, yet some how it tracks it, then what is considered a “read”? i guess i’m just confused on how someone can get 1000 reads in a week and someone else in that same week only get 10 and even not reach 1000 for the month…sorry guess maybe this isn’t the place to have this discussion.


Sorry for the late reply! But Quotev is a writing/reading website that SHOWS who’s seen your book


As for the 1K reads in a week compared to others: Luck. Or they update consistently (1-2 times per day) and promote.

I know one user who managed to finish their story within 2 months. Why? Because they were dedicated to finishing and working on it.