Share how many reads your Teen Fiction story has...


I always forget that I made this topic XD


How long have you been on here?


Completely normal! And it depends on every person.

Some people blow up in a matter of months while some drag on with not many reads for years! Most of it has to do with luck :blush: Don’t worry about it! You’ll get an audience!

“Spandex Is Mandatory” hit 400K reads today! I’M SO HAPPY


My stories.

Cake Toppers - 7021
Erin’s Mistakes - 574


Well I just published my book on the 21st lol
And thats awesome LightenTheShadows1, congrats!


Haha, thank you! And it’s been two days, my friend! It’s completely normal not to have many reads at first without an already-existing following :blush:


Okay thats good to know. I’m super new to this :stuck_out_tongue: plus I’m only done writing chapter 4 so yeah lol


Haha, yeah, no worries! It’s different for everyone, but it’s completely normal to have low numbers so close to when you first published :blush:


Okay, thanks so much! :slight_smile:
Oh, one more thing. Did you ever post your stories on the “Share your story” thing or did you just let the audience come to you naturally?


My works:

Last Christmas - 4,386
Winter Wonderland - 28


I posted mine maybe once or twice at the beginning, but it never really changed the quantity of my readership so I stopped. My audience came to me, but my success was pretty much luck and it happened very fast, so you may want to ask a veteran on some better tips :blush:

All I can say is interact! If people like you, they might check out your story!


Okay, thank you so much! :blush:


No problem! Glad I could help :blush:


Just started my first teen fiction that i’m actually going to continue
Summer and Silver: 6 reads lol


Seventeen (teen fiction) has 890
Nova (my new teen fiction novel) 83


My first story “I’m in Love with My Best Friend” has 3,850 reads and my most recent, “The Sinclair Brothers” has 80!


That’s awesome that you’re writing a new story again! I learn so much about myself and my writing when I just let go of an old story i’m not interested in anymore. Even when I don’t finish ideas, I know that my writing improves by at least trying to get words on paper. Good luck with your new story! Do you have more reads now?


Hahah that’s the worst! I wish Wattpad would change that about editing your stuff! It always gets my hopes up and then I realize it’s just myself.


Hey you have to start somewhere! The only way to go is up from here :smile: Good luck on your writing!


I have 1.6k on Becoming Bad and 11.1k on Midnight! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: